Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sex In The News

Two recent hyped stories in the news regarding sex. The D.C. Madam and Akon's "simulated rape." (whatever that is)

ABC released the transcript of the much ballyhooed 20/20 show covering the D.C. Madam, Jeane Palfrey. The lead up to the program promised to name names, but in the end, listed only two, Randall Tobias* and Harlan Ullman**. ABC makes the claim that the rest are not newsworthy, this after 13 years in business and thousands of clients. Somehow I doubt that greatly.

The comments on the piece are centered around 3 points.
1. This was a total waste. A huge letdown and a worthless "report"
2. The women aren't the only ones who should be getting in trouble (if anyone should be) as there were obviously men involved.
3. The names weren't released to protect the Bush administration.

I agree with points 1 & 2 but quite disagree with 3. This escort business spanned both the Clinton and Bush admins, nearly equally. Any information they release would look bad on both parties. In the end it would simply be a wash.

In other news, Verizon pulls out as a sponsor of Akon's tour. This is due to some noise over his "simulated rape" of a 15 year old girl. WND has the video and article here. Having seen the video, it looks nothing like a rape. Simulated or otherwise. Did the girl ever protest? The audio isn't great but there isn't a single no, don't or stop. What is obvious is that she places her arm around his neck, rather then attempt to push him away.

Part of the reason this got attention is that 15y/o is a preachers kid. But I would ask, what is a young girl, daughter of a preacher, doing at a concert like that, dressed like she was (those shirts with no back don't tend to have much on the front) and in the very front row. To me it sounds like she regretted it afterwards but from the video there was no indication she wasn't enjoying herself.

Twice in my life I have heard a woman tell me she was raped or that she was forced. Both of those times it was a lie as indicated by their desire to still hang out with that guy. This girl seems to be having the same problem.

*Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias, who was in charge of the Bush administration's efforts to crack down on prostitution worldwide.

**Harlan Ullman, a leading military analyst who wrote the book "Shock and Awe," a concept cited by the Pentagon in planning the war in Iraq.