Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Next Thirty Years

Oh, Happy Birthday to me!
(The song, not the pics)

For my thirtieth I took my boy out kayaking. I've never been and I've had this kayak up on my wall for just over a month now so it was nice to get to use it finally. Destination: Lake Pueblo. Temperature: Just shy of perfect. 1st Mate: The One, the only... Lil Bear! Doesn't get much better than this!

The lake is 15 feet above its level 1 year ago so the fishing area where we launched was basically, no, entirely gone. We launched from what was left of the road in a protected bay and paddled off over the now submerged trees and uncharted, for us, territory. In all we spent about 3 hours on the lake, exploring the coves, watching ducks, getting really close to the the "hills" with exposed strata, visiting the marina and playing in the waves. For a short period of time the wind really kicked up and was giving us 1-2 foot swells and the kayak handled those extremely well. Its good to know it handles well and its fun to send spray all over when heading into the wind. I'd post a pic or two, but for whatever reason my camera isn't uploading. Looks like a reboot is in order.

Lil Bear thoroughly enjoyed himself (as did I), sticking his hands in the water and playing with some driftwood as well as watching the other boats on the water. We made a close pass to a sail boat and were able to say hi and show my boy how they work.