Friday, March 31, 2006


On the topic of vaccines and autism. Pulled these randomly from the article.

The disease (autism) was unknown until 1943, when it was identified and diagnosed among 11 children born in the months after thimerosal was first added to baby vaccines in 1931.

Since 1991, when the CDC and the FDA had recommended that three additional vaccines laced with the preservative be given to extremely young infants -- in one case, within hours of birth -- the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children.

In China, where the disease was virtually unknown prior to the introduction of thimerosal by U.S. drug manufacturers in 1999, news reports indicate that there are now more than 1.8 million autistics.

Infants who received all their vaccines, plus boosters, by the age of 6 months were being injected with levels of ethylmercury 187 times greater than the EPA's limit for daily exposure to methylmercury, a related neurotoxin.

In April, 2005 reporter Dan Olmsted of UPI undertook one of the more interesting studies himself. Searching for children who had not been exposed to mercury in vaccines -- the kind of population that scientists typically use as a "control" in experiments -- Olmsted scoured the Amish of Lancaster County, Penn., who refuse to immunize their infants. Given the national rate of autism, Olmsted calculated that there should be 130 autistics among the Amish. He found only four. One had been exposed to high levels of mercury from a power plant. The other three -- including one child adopted from outside the Amish community -- had received their vaccines.

"You couldn't even construct a study that shows thimerosal is safe," says Haley, who heads the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky. "It's just too darn toxic. If you inject thimerosal into an animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the cells die. If you put it in a petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an infant without causing damage."

Suspect Wants $20 Million

Keith Clayton Brooks Jr. is looking for $20 Million and charges against him dropped. Brooks and an accomplice were burglarizing a home on the south end of town last October when deputies showed up on the scene. A shot was fired at the deputies who then returned fire, wounding Brooks. The article doesnt make clear if Brooks or his accomplice was the one doing the shooting. Brooks as much as admits his crime by his statement "I ultimately became a victim."

What is this? While I support clogging the court system (fight your traffic tickets people) this is ridiculous. No doubt it will be thrown out.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cur Deus Homo

The text of Cur deus homo for those who care to read it.

Which Theologian Are You?

Anselm is the outstanding theologian of the medieval period.He sees man's primary problem as having failed to render unto God what we owe him, so God becomes man in Christ and gives God what he is due. You should read 'Cur Deus Homo?'



Karl Barth


Martin Luther


John Calvin


Jonathan Edwards


Charles Finney


Friedrich Schleiermacher


J�rgen Moltmann




Paul Tillich


Which theologian are you?
created with

I am going to have to read up on this Anselm.

America: From Freedom To Fascism

Here is an article from the Glen Falls, New York Post Star. A reporter from the paper was at the local screening of Aaron Russo's film America: From Freedom To Fascism. The reporter leads off with an ex-IRS employee who thought to cash in on the $50,000 reward for anyone who can provide a copy of the law that give the FedGov the authority to impose an income tax on American workers (noting that 7 years later she still hasnt found it)then goes on to note that former IRS Commisioner Sheldon Cohen admits on camera that the current law only call for "voluntary compliance."

The word is getting out, and it isnt favorable to our Government.
A new study released by Nature shows a difference in brains in children of differing intelligence.

As a child grows the brain goes thru several enlargments and "cullings". What the study found is that in children of high intelligence (121 to 149) the enlargement process didnt finish until age 11. "Children who were just slightly less bright reached that point at age 9, and those with average intelligence at around 6. In all cases, the cortex later thinned as the children matured."

The study goes on to say "Nobody knows what's happening within the cortex to make it get thicker or thinner, Shaw said, so it's impossible to say why those changes would be related to intelligence. Brain development is influenced by intellectual stimulation, so that probably plays a role, he said."

As with most anything I would say it is part nurture and part nature. The building blocks neccessary for building the brain (and the rest of the body) start shortly after conception, and obviously higher quality materials result in a higher quality construction.

But what if you build a park and no one comes? Thus the nurture side comes into play. BabyCenter gives a list of 8 things that can be done to help boost a child's intelligence. These include reading and talking to your child, stimulating all his senses (toys/play/foods), encouraging new challenges and simply showing your love.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jereme Lamberth: Cop-Killer?

According to news reports, Jereme Lamberth did not know that the person he shot was a cop. Lamberth was sitting at a bus stop when he was “approached by an unidentified white male,” according to the arrest affidavit. Jensen[cop] “grabbed ahold of his left arm” and told Lamberth he was “going with him” or he would break Lamberth’s arm, according to the affidavit. As Jensen used both hands to hold Lamberth’s arm, Lamberth said he “drew a .44 caliber revolver from his waistband and shot the individual once,” court records show. “He said he was trying to shoot the individual in the arm.” After Jensen was down, Lamberth told investigators he waited “for between one and two seconds” before shooting Jensen again. Lamberth “had indicated he did not want any more problems from this individual and that was the reason why he had fired the second shot,” according to court records. Lamberth “made no statements that he was aware this individual who had confronted him was a Colorado Springs Police Department officer.”

Well doesnt that put a difference spin on the whole cop-killer case? When some unidentified person comes and threatens bodily harm physical force IS justified. Plain and simple. This is very similar to these no-knock raids the police do. No announcement, an overt and obvious threat posed and when things go wrong the defendant is charged with and usually found guilty of murdering a cop.

Muslim Idiocy

What a wonderful religion and law. Apparently if a man falls asleep and utters the word divorce 3 times (while asleep!) then the divorce is in full affect. More than that they must separate for a minimum of 100 days before they can get remarried, during which the woman must spend at least one night with another man who must then divorce her in the same manner.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Thought I'd put up a pic of my Beloved
We were playing with some of the effects in Paint Shop and came up with this.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


3 years of fighting, dying and all around kicking arse and what have we accomplished? We are bringing democracy to muslim nations. Fat lot of good that is doing anyone.

Has anyone been paying attention? Democracy is NOT a good form of government. It ALWAYS leads to despotism/tyranny. Always. Say it with me now... "Democracy is not my friend."

"Western-style democracy" and "democratic reforms" are condemning an Afghani Christian to death because he converted from Islam. If everyone had been paying attention in class they would have known this was coming. If the world was paying attention now they would know that such things are not long in coming to Iraq.

And then the class would come to the conclusion "Hmmm, America has been transformed into a democracy too, so maybe bad things will happen here as well?" Rather, the class would come to that conclusion were they not all alseep.

8th Grade Science

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

The real question here is can the writer of this test pass 8th grade spelling? And just what IS the electrical charge of a neuron?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

That Is What I Have Been Talking About!

Cop shoots and kills handcuffed man, people are asking for clemency/pardon.

Details of the case
2 cops arrive shortly after criminal kills his girlfriend, Cop 1 goes around to the back gets shot and is killed, Cop 2 in front of the house puts three bullets into criminal and then handcuffs him. Cop 2 finds Cop 1 dead then goes and executes wounded and handcuffed criminal. Cop 2 gets one year prison.

Clear case. Use of deadly force was in no way justified at the time of execution. Are we now to excuse him because he was acting for the state? Is "Executioner" part of the job description? Cop 2 knows the law, he has been a cop for 31 years. He knows quite well when use of force is justified and when it is not.

Sgt. Billy Anders stepped over the line from law enforcement to criminal. There can be no clemency for such an offender. Law enforcement is to be held to a higher standard or how else can the populace trust them. Anders faced a 7 year sentence but was given the lightest possible under New Mexico law of 1 year.

The world is a better place without Flippen (the criminal) but we slid right back and perhaps even worse when we allow those who are charged with upholding the law to cross it with no real consequence.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Fantastic Photography

Max Lyons the man who pioneered Gigabyte Photography with his photo of Bryce Canyon has some incredible photography available on his website. If you are looking for some art for the house this might be what you are looking for.

Check out the his galleries.

I can't decide which gallery is best, but I am leaning towards the Canadian Rockies

I set my background to this one

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New WonderDrug

Apparently the FDA is stalling on this fantastic new wonder drug. It is an all-purpose drug to assist with psychologically influenced mental conditions and has no side effects.

Certainly a better deal than this drug.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Little Bear

I thought I would treat you all to a quick peak at my Little Bear. Here he is guarding his pacifier. The second pic is from his first day out of the womb, still at the hospital.

MPAA lawsuits coming to a town near you!

Movie Attendance down.

No doubt this is due to piracy and evil people downloading movies from the internet! It certainly has nothing to do with declining quality and overplayed storylines/plots. In fact this is very similar to declining sales for music. Again, nothing to do with declining quality.

MPAA lawsuits coming to a town near you!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Moon Landing a Hoax!

Google has this absolutely fantastic new tool. It is and with this tool you can prove there there never was a moon landing! Really. Check it out for yourselves. Just select any one of the selected points and then zoom in on that till it wont zoom anymore and you will see the proof for yourself!


Also available is Mars.Google.Com

Friday, March 10, 2006

P 86: Subject To Change

Relent, to the terror that distances you
Retreat, to the habitual grins
Regress to the deception, quiet and tame
Once was transformed, now exactly the same

Remember when you nearly plunged into embrace?
But instead you've chosen to keep it all at bay

it's tough to admit and admit and admit that
Your fate's still undecided


From the latest album "...And The Rest Will Follow"

A good deal of their songs do call for us to "return" and, personally, I can't hear that message too much.

I've seen the face of redemption
And He isn't you
I'm through indulging the tastes of
My cruelest nature
So I think this blade better suits you

Since we're the ones
Who occupy this temple
We'll be the ones
Who'll show you out

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Last night I mentioned that I wanted to look this up and blog on it today. Lo and behold, here is a news article on it. Sharon Bishop died just three days after contracting an infection of the rare invasive form of group A streptococcal bacteria. Her initial wound was only a jammed thumb.

The diagnosis is Necrotizing Fasciitis and is usually caused by the invasive form of group A Strep but can be a combination of bacteria. Deadly in about 20% of the cases and tissue must always be removed, anything from skin to limbs and sometimes more.

What are the symptoms? The symptoms are varied, but often include:

EARLY SYMPTOMS (usually within 24 hours) :
1. Usually a minor trauma or other skin opening has occurred (the wound does not necessarily appear infected)
2. Some pain in the general area of the injury is present. Not necessarily at the site of the injury but in the same region or limb of the body
3. The pain is usually disproportionate to the injury and may start as something akin to a muscle pull, but becomes more and more painful
4. Flu like symptoms begin to occur, such as diarrhea, nausea, fever, confusion, dizziness, weakness, and general malaise
5. Intense thirst occurs as the body becomes dehydrated
6. The biggest symptom is all of these symptoms combined. In general you will probably feel worse than you've ever felt and not understand why.
When should I seek medical attention?
Any time all of the early symptoms are present, go to a doctor at once, and insist that this be ruled out. The vast majority of cases are misdiagnosed. People have been told that they had fallen, when they didn't, they have had casts put on bones that were not broken, have been given Tylenol for flu and been told to come back the next day; they have been told they have an ingrown toenail, they've been told they have arthritis; they've been accused of burning themselves...many of these people have gone back to the hospital two days later and died. Insist that this be ruled out if you have all of the early symptoms.
Why are so many cases of NF misdiagnosed?
Because the beginning symptoms look like so many other minor afflictions. None of the symptoms are exclusive to this, and until the patient is so ill that they are critical many health care workers don't consider NF. Although the disease is on the increase worldwide, it is still considered uncommon, so many emergency rooms may never have seen a case before.

More information can be found at the National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation. The info above is from there Facts Page

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Living Fossils

Came across this site today. Lots of great info about the Coelacanth ("see-la-kanth") which is was once thought to have died out 65 million years ago. It was rediscovered in 1938 with the second sighting not until the 1950s.

Go visit and before you leave dont forget to visit their souvenier shop here and here

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Abortion Ramblings

Remember this picture? Little Samuel (a letter from his mother at the end of the page) was 21 weeks old when surgery was done to correct his Spina Bifida. Only halfway to birth and gripping the hand of the surgeon. This picture caused a ruckus when it came out as the Pro-Choice crowd wanted it supresses as it might push the undecided masses towards a pro-life stance.

The Pro-Choice (death) camp seems to make a fuss any time something like that comes up. The Laci Petersen Law comes to mind. Also the various attempts by the states to add laws that require information be given to a woman before an abortion or parental consent laws for minors (quick rant: Why is it the law allows a 16 year old girl to get an abortion but not to get her ears pierced? How ridiculous is that?) Anyways, no real point or coherent thoughts. Much too tired at the moment, I just felt that this pic should be posted.

*** Update ***
The Photographer of the Samuel pictures was Michael Clancy. He explains how this pic happened on this page. Mr. Clancy allows this picture to be reprinted for use "If the picture will be used in a respectful manner that does honor to the image" e.g. for counseling those seeking an abortion. Clancy continues by saying "[M]ake however many copies you want to hand out. [A]nd help me tell the story of how Samuel reached out of his mother's womb.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Project 86 Coming Back To Denver

They're back! Or well, they will be.
April 22nd at the Bluebird Theater.
Project 86 headlining with The Showdown and August Burns Red joining the show.

Can't imagine missing it, now to find a babysitter...

P.S. Heidi, P86 will be in Portland April 18th.

Brahminy Blind Snake

Came across this little critter in my wanderings. It looks like it is made of quicksilver. The snake is the only entirely female snake in the world (known I should say) and as such reproduces asexually (poor things)

Some pics here

Freedom To Fascism

Aaron Russo's new film is about to come out. In fact it is being previewed across the nation at the We The People's meetings. A trailer of the video can be found at the Freedom To Fascism site. If you are wanting to understand a bit more about the Tax Honesty movement this will give you an insight.

Sherry Jackson sums it up nicely with the question "Where is the law? Show me the law."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush Against Abortion Ban

Bush is against the abortion ban that South Dakota is now pushing in an attempt to topple the infamous Roe v. Wade. Bush is against it in part because he wants three exceptions to the ban, for 1) rape 2) incest and 3) life of the mother. The South Dakota ban gives an exception for the life of the Mother.

1) Rape
Arielle has posted on the issue of aborting the child of rape, as well as a letter she recieved from just such a child. She has done a fine job on those, so go read it.

2) Incest
What is incest? Sex between close familial relations. What is it about this that makes the child so monstrous? Is there a higher incidence of mutation/defect? yes. But realistically the risk isn't any higher than a (now common) 40 year old woman bearing children. And the other objection is that incest is forced, I mean, everyone knows that right? Where do people get that? Incest is either consensual or it isnt. If it isnt than it is rape. If it is rape then it falls under the rape argument which Arielle has already discredited. If it is consentual then who is to say that that child is unloved or unwanted? Or that the child of a consentual act deserves death? I am not sure a reasonable argument can be put forth for killing this child.

3) Life of Mother
Bush has this one right. Saying the "health" of the mother is simply to ambiguous. The way such things are interpreted today that could mean just about anything including the potential for post-partum depression. At the very least there needs to be a clear and compelling threat to the mother for any 'justification' of infanticide.

Thanks to Astrosmith for this item

Death and Rembrance of a Slain Cop

An observance. Officer killed midday Feb 22nd. The 6 following days, there are 8 articles on it, 6 of those on the front page the other two at the top of the Metro (News) section. To top it all off we had letters to the editor saying how it was a quasi-orgasmic "life-changing" event just to happen to see the funeral procession pass by. This of course has nothing to do with a different level of value being placed upon a cop's life.

Day 1: Three Front Page articles (Articles One, Two, Three)
Day 2: Front Page article
Day 3: Metro Page 1 article
Day 4: Metro Page 1 article
Day 5 Front Page article
Day 6 Front Page article

March 1st Letter to the editor (fourth down). In her words "I cannot fully describe how emotional, even life-changing, this experience was for me." Her experience? Watching the procession pass by.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Right to Petition Update and Primer

I have recieved quite a few hits so far today for the "Right to Petition For Redress of Grievance" so I figured I would add some more info on this site. Either there was a news article or broadcast I am not yet aware of, or Google moved me to the top of the search. Whatever the reason, I am posting a primer on the Right to Petition lawsuit.

The group leading the way is We the People. Spokesman Bob Schulz is a man dedicated to fighting to keep Government at all levels to their Constitutional bounds. Schulz has and is still fighting his local government and is a pro se litigant in the current RTP lawsuit at the Federal level. There are 1700+ other named litigants and literally thousands unnamed.

On November 8th, 2002, every single member of both the House and the Senate were served with four (4) Petitions For Redress of Grievance. On Nov. 12th the President (G.W. Bush) was served with these same four (4) Petitions. The Petitions address specific constitutional grievances relating to: 1) the War Powers Clauses of the Constitution and the Iraq Resolution; 2) the privacy, due process and free speech clauses of the Constitution and the USA Patriot Act; 3) the money clauses of the Constitution and the Federal Reserve System; and 4) the tax-related clauses of the Constitution and the federal Income Tax system.

As no substantive response has been recieved to date, the Petition that was furthest along, the Federal Income Tax Petition, has gone forward in the Courts. As of this writing this Petition is before the U.S. District Court of Appeals as case #04CV01211 (this was the case# at the District Court, I am assuming it stays the same for the Appeal.) WTP has already filed its Brief and the Department of Justice, representing the Government, has until March 24th to respond to the Brief. WTP will then have until April 7th to file a Reply Brief. From there the case will go forward. Regardless of who wins this case it will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court so a resolution is still a ways off yet.

The four (4) petitions can be read and signed here
Here are the 537 Questions that the Goverment has refused to answer. (PDF File)

Full color full page ads that have been placed in both the New York Times and USA Today can be found here. As a bonus if you had the money and wanted to take action you could submit them to your local paper.

Sexchange Teacher To Teach Again

Lily McBeth, previously William McBeth, will be allowed to teach again after a 4-1 vote by an Eaglewood Township NJ school district. 'Ms.' McBeth will be substitute teaching at an elementary. Seeing as it is an elementary school there are parents who seem quite upset about this turn of events. I would ask this question... How many of the parents would go to the 'extreme' step of pulling their students out of the school and either put them in private school or homeschool them?

I am willing to bet that the elementary school will not see a noticable change in enrollment from this decision.