Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Question of Legality

Terri Shiavo has been sentenced to death by the courts. Since this is a "lawful" action and since she is already condemned to death, what would happen if someone were to go in there and use a gun or knife to kill her? Would it be considered murder? How could it? she is already a dead woman in the eyes of the state.

Just a thought I had this morning at work.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Glorious Creation

How incredible is our G-d? If The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. (Psalms 19:1) then truly our G-d is majestic indeed, and His hand mighty.

Hubble's Ultra Deep Field is a view of some of the "oldest" galaxies. Thought to be from "only" 800-900 million years old. The Hubblesite has a lot of great images on it for those interested. Also check out Jason Ware's site where you can order prints/posters.

G-d has also made some incredible creatures here on Terra Firma. Magnetotactic bacteria build internal compasses inside their bodies in order to tell them which way is north (or south for those in the southern hemisphere). Why? Well it tells them which way is down so they can move that way and avoid contact with air, which is deadly to them. Another cool little critter is the Bacillus Infernus, a hyperthermophile was found some 2800 meters beneath Virginia which is good because oxygen is poisonous to it too. Instead it breaths iron and manganese dioxide.

G-d is awesome!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


A bit of impromptu late night racing tonite!
Pulled up on Academy at Airport and (what luck!) a slightly? modified Acura and a Camaro pull up at the same time.

Well, if ya ever done any racing, then you know it is all in the tree. The lights that is. I totally had the light on Airport. not even close. Took it up to 60 and had about two car length between me and the other two so I let it go. The Camaro and the Acura were pretty much neck and neck.

Well my luck held and we all hit the next light too, which is normally my turn, but I couldnt pass up the oportunity. So we all lined up.... And we all got the light good this time. However, I failed to watch my tach coming out of first AND second gear, so my tranny kicked it out of gear and I had some dead time. Not real happy about that. The upside is that I found out the Saab kicks ya out of 2nd gear at 70MPH. The Camaro had a much better run this time, or perhaps the Acura just did really bad, not sure which. Either way, I smoked em both, both times. BOOYAH!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Evo vs Creation part II

Well I promised and here it is. Two days later is pretty rapid for me. Anyways...

Arguments Against Evolution.

Age of the Ocean
  • Salinity: Max age 62 million years, given the current rate of salt deposition in the ocean, if starting with a pure body of water (0.00% salt)

  • Sediment: max age 12 million years, given 25 billion tons annually and average depth of 400 meters.

  • Galaxies: Per the Big Bang Theory, galaxies further away from the center should be less and less organized the further away they are. This is not what is observed. We find the same amount of spiral galaxies far away as we do near. Also, due to the observed different speeds of stars orbiting in their galaxy, the galaxies would be featureless discs if the age of the universe was 16 billion years old.

  • Comets: Max age of a comet should be about 100,000 years. There is a proposed Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud that resupplies these comets, but no such things have been observed to date. And even if they existed, they likely wouldnt have any material left after the 5 billion years of our solar system.

  • Light: It is slowing down. Yes, I realize this is controversial paper (click for a simplified version, or simply a table), but I have read the paper myself and am convinced of the truth of it. Remember that it took 50 years for scientist to accept that the speed of light was not infinite. It may take many more years for scientist to accpet this as well. If true, it will have a HUGE impact on physics. ('C' is in most every calculation, if it changes, well, so does everything else.) And it messes up all the calculations of age that we use. Including carbon/argon dating.

  • Magnetic Field: Earths field is decaying too fast. At rate of decay, it could not be more than 10,000 years old. The fields total energy (different from its surface intensity) has, apparently, always devayed at least as fast as it is now. The Creationist theory matches paleomagnetic, historic, and present data, whereas the Evo Theory does not. In addition to the magnetic field of earth, the magentic fields of Neptune and Uranus were predicted by a theory created by Dr. Russell Humphreys before any info on their fields were known. Needless to say, the Creationist model was correct, and the Evolutionist was wrong.**

More to come, I figure this is enuff info for one post. If anyone would like to dispute this just throw it in the comments. Please no links to TalkOrigins. The site is a bunch of blathering idiots who would see the sky as yellow if that is what the theory of Evolution demanded. I am open to honest debate but I draw the line at wasting my time.

** "The classic test of a theory, is its ability to predict. Successful predictions are so rare that they are usually regarded as compelling evidence in favor of the underlying theory." AJ Dessler

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Evolution vs Creationism

Given the recent debate amongst the Vox Volk I thought I would post something a bit more substantive. You see, I used to be an evolutionist/theistic evolutionist myself. I loved science, especially astronomy and dinosaurs. One day while reading a bit more about astronomy I found some info that truly changed my beliefs. I read the theory of the Big Bang.

What is the Big Bang theory? Well, it's detractors state it best... "First there was nothing, then it exploded." Nothing indeed! The BB wasn't an explosion of some superdense star/mass. It wasn't even a star that exploded. Nope. It was "nothing" that exploded. The BB was less than a Planck Length, or 1.6*10^-35 meters. That would be 10^-20 smaller than a proton. Nothing indeed!

From that moment on, evolution was viewed through a jaundiced eye. What was the real story and not just the headline? Was some piece of news being spun into something larger than it really was? The answer most often was "yes." Very few of the "proofs" that are pointed out are truly proofs or even supportive of the theory of evolution.

I'll post more specific things in a soon to come post.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

3rd time is a charm

At least, the third time was the charm for me. I didnt fall over today!!! YaY I am quite happy about that as the last two times I rode my bike I fell over. Not crashed mind you... fell. The cause of the falling has been me unable to get unclipped from my pedals. 1st time, no harm done, 2nd time (yesterday) I am bearing wounds from it. Not too bad but I haven't done that in some time and wasn't really wanting to ever do it again. But today I rode to church (3.25 miles) then hopped the bike into beautiful Nikki's SUV and went out to lunch and rode home from there (8.75 miles). I got some good speed going too. 38 MPH in one spot and 38.5 MPH on the last hill before my house.

"How do you know" you ask? a little computer (a Cateye Enduro, avail from REI for $30) mounted on the handlebars with a sensor on the front tire. I love that thing. Helps to push me. At the push of a button I have current speed(always on), average speed, time ridden, max speed, distance ridden since last reset, and distance ridden since last battery change.

A few more rides like this and I might just feel confident enuff to hit a trail or two.