Saturday, December 25, 2004

Right To Petition Update

A favorably hostile Court? possible? Seems like it in this case.

WTP has posted a press release concerning the movement as it stands now. The Petition is moving right along as planned, all while the FedGov is trying to quash it. But on another front, Bob Schulz filed a motion to quash an IRS Summons in the US District Court. The USDC issued its decision, holding that the court was prevented by law from quashing an IRS Summons. (What the?)

Schulz appealed to the US Court of Appeals, 2nd District, and the oral arguments were on the 13th Dec. Audio is available from a link provided in the release If you care to listen to it you can hear the Dept. Of Justice's Senior Counsel, Robert Storch, get rebuffed a bit by the Judges. Storch was unable to answer the questions of the Court and said that the Summons, legally, meant nothing, was legally unenforcable and therefore Schulz was under no legal obligation to respond to it. (In an attempt to get the court to say it has no jurisdiction) Storch was required to file a brief by the end of Dec 23rd explaining the FedGov's position on these issues.

We shall see soon enough what the brief says. It is nice to see a Court doing its rightful job, and being the balance to the Executive and Legislative branches.

From We The People

We The People wishes a merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Please Obey The Government

Civil governments everywhere, even though often controlled by evil men, are ordained of God to serve as His ministers of justice, and to restrain the criminal elements of human society.

God commands us to be law-abiding citizens of the Civil Governments under which we live, for there are no legitimate Civil Governments anywhere that God has not placed in power.

We The People of America, at the dawn of our nation's history, elected to govern ourselves under God's sovereign authority. America's Civil Government was established by men who placed their complete confidence in God's Word as the ultimate source of wisdom, truth and justice on earth. It was their abiding faith and trust in Him that most inspired the minds and hearts of those brilliant men as they wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the Untied States. By these sacred documents, our nation was conceived in faith and dedicated to the eternal cause of freedom. In America, the People established the Fundamental Law, the Constitution, as a reflection of their understanding of God's plan and purpose for Civil Government. And, it is We The People who reserved the Right to interpret that Law. Only in America has God made the People the source of all political power. Only in America has God made all political power limited by written Constitutions.

In America, those who refuse to ensure that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are obeyed are themselves breaking God's law. They are lawbreakers. This applies to all People, whether they are elected officials, judges, or ordinary citizens.

Every American should obey the Constitution and Bill of Rights for two reasons: First, because this is America's Fundamental Law, given to us as a testament to God's grace and love for His People. Second, because America will not survive if We The People turn away from our true heritage, and the knowledge of who we are as one nation under God.

The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., and the We The People Congress, Inc., are acutely aware that our government at all levels is operating in sharp contrast to the way it was designed to function. We are also painfully aware of the heavy price being paid by those who are defending God's Civil Government in America--honorable, patriotic men and women including Dick Simkanin, Joe Banister, Sherry Jackson, John Turner, Nick Jesson, Al Thompson, Phil Hart, Irwin Schiff, and others too numerous to mention. We are indebted to these courageous Americans who have placed their love of Country and faith in God before their personal security and welfare. It is most appropriate that we acknowledge their sacrifices at this special time of the year.

Here at WTP, we remain focused on defending every American's sacred, unalienable Right to Life, Liberty, Property and Due Process of Law, primarily through the Petition Clause of the First Amendment, and we are committed to assisting those who are similarly focused.

We extend to you, the entire WTP family, our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Foreshadows & Types

A theory I am working on...

Not really a theory so much as a Type. Christ said that the whole of Scriptures testifies of Him. Now that is certainly true of the OT as it was in existence at the time. Logically that statement can be extended to the NT also, as Christ new what would be put in there long before He came in the flesh. (One could argue against the inclusion of the NT in that statement tho.)

As you know there are many "Types" in the Scriptures, which are basically foreshadows of future events. My thoughts while at work this past morning were on the wedding Christ attended shortly after being baptized. The whole "My time is not yet come" and turning the water into wine. Not just wine, but that which is much better than was originally given.

My initial thoughts on this, tho more study is needed, is the wine is a type of the covenant, possibly Mary as an obedient Jew, and the guests as the Jews & Gentiles stating this covenant is better than the old.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Not on solid ground

Stuff like this make ya feel a bit insecure. A sink-hole opened up that has taken all four lanes of a road. 50 feet deep and 150 feet wide, and officials say it hasnt stopped yet.


I was scanning the Letters to WorldNetDaily today and I came across one referring to Farah's article Why I believe in Creation. The letter writer gives one of the two classic Evolutionist arguments that supposedly "prove" that aviation happened. The first is the fruit-fly-mutation argument, the second is the antibiotic-resistant-bacteria argument. The letter writer used the second, so I am addressing that one.

For starters, it should be noted that drug resistant bacteria have been found in the stomachs of corpses frozen in the tundra for over 100 years. But to debunk any similar argument... Ever wonder why there is a different flu shot every year? Cues there are different forms of the bug that are prominent every year. Not the same bug, but of the same family and they do similar things. Assuming a range of different forms of the bug (26 for ease, A-Z) one drug will work for many, but not all. Say penicillin kills everything but the vowels (which are drug-resistant naturally) What is left to breed? AEIO+U. So what do they breed? after their own kind. Well guess what? the old drug doesnt work anymore. Why? cuz it killed off everything it could. Does this mean that AEIO+U mutated? Nope. Just means that you couldnt kill them that way in the first place.

Occam's Razor states "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitas." (Plurality should not be posited without necessity.) Or easier said "One should always choose the simplest explanation of a phenomenon, the one that requires the fewest leaps of logic." Which is the simplest explanation? There was an actual, beneficial mutation (never seen before in the history of science)? or the one just given?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Update to the Blog

Just added a link to the site
A good site and I have found it a useful tool. You can also sign up with them which involves no more than an email addy and you have access to all their articles.

Monday, December 13, 2004

French Military Victories

I thought I'd bring up something rather entertaining. Head over to and type in "French Military Victories" in quotes, and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Then go ahead and follow the link on that page.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Silver: Now a Better Bargain

Some of you have surely noticed that silver took a BIG hit this past week. So did gold. Dropping from nearly $8.00 down to $6.70 makes ya wonder. After all it took three months to climb from one to the other, yet only two days to fall.

My theory is it was a confidence upswing in the stock market due to Micro$oft announcing its $32 Billion dollar dividend. M$'s press release was on the 8th, Silver was at 7.80 the day before and 6.50 the day after. It is reasonable to assume that this upswing in confidence is due entirely to this one item.

Metals and commodities are somewhat 'fear' based. When people see the economy going down, they get into tangibles. When things are looking up for paper assets, well... go with those. After all, that is how you make money. I, however, am rather pessimistic about the economy and dont have enough money to play with stocks or commodities, so I will still be putting my money in metals. Now I just get some more bang for my buck.

Planes In News

Pumpkin bombing. Why? It's just plane fun, thats why.

"Pulp flew in the swirling blast, mingling, twisting, and colliding like chunky napalm. The target disappeared in a maelstrom of goo, seeds, and contorted rind. The horror ... the horror ... and oh, the humanity of 50 middle-aged pilots cheering from the sidelines"

Also in the news, a Mooney makes an emergency landing on a moving 18-wheeler. Praise G-d they didnt land in front of the truck. 20+ tons of truck hitting a 1500 pound plane wouldnt have been pretty.

Click here for a video of the Pumpkin Bomber

Parents On Strike

Here is a lovely news article on some parents who went on strike. Seems their kids are a bit ungrateful and lazy.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Happy Hanukkah

Tonite starts Hanukkah, and goes for the next 8 nights. These nights are, for me, a night to draw closer to G-d, to spend time in prayer and to read the Scriptures aloud (Gen 1:2-5, 14-18) and thereby bring His light into the world. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and for the needs of our brothers (both Jew and Gentile) who so desperately need our prayers.

May the light of the Lord our G-d truly be the lamp that guides your feet, now and always.


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Wisdom of the Mogambo

From the Mighty Mogambo:

Total Fed Credit, which is the fount of from whence springs all that magical, out-of-thin-air, fairy-dust money that is the hallmark of the Greenspan Fed, was up another $3.8 billion in the last week. The Treasury issued another $3 billion in actual paper-and-ink cash, which is NOT money made of fairy dust, but is, instead, money that is made from actual paper and ink, but which is just as phony-baloney.

And people wonder why it is hard to make ends meet.

Law Of Debt

Per Ian comes McLeod's Law of Debt:

"Debt expands to fill the credit available."

All too true. Ya make more, Ya spend more. Doesnt have to be that way, but we American$ are nothing if not commercial creatures.

New and Improved

I made some updates to Ye Olde Blogge. It is now New and Improved! Better Tasting and preffered 2 to 1 over Old Ye Olde Blogge. I made it so you can now link back to my articles as some of you have been clammoring for that (you know who you are) =oP I also added links to the Poetry and to a couple of favorite posts (the sad thing there is that I could only come up with three)


Emotion-Driven Thinking

I stumbled across a fantastic article by John Mauldin. Mauldin is a financial advisor, but in this article he delves into the subject of Psycology.

"Last week, I heard a very disquieting commentary on National Public Radio by Dr. Drew Westen of Emory University. Westen is a well respected psychologist, but he was commenting upon how our feelings can predict our political decision irrespective of the facts. ... For example, during the disputed election of 2000, we could predict whether people would believe that manual or machine counts are more accurate just by knowing their feelings towards the two parties and the two candidates. ...they're not just weighing the facts. Without knowing it, they're also weighing what they would feel if they came to one conclusion or another, and they often come to the conclusion that would make them feel better, no matter what the facts are. ... In fact, the evidence barely mattered. 84% of the time, we could predict whether people believed the evidence was sufficient... based on just three things... Adding the evidence into the equation allowed us to increase the prediction from 84% to 85%."

"We believe what we want to believe because to do otherwise would upset our world. The potential emotional stress of a contrary opinion is too much for us to deal with, so we go along with the (personally) least stressful emotional choice."

Without a shadow of a doubt I believe this to be true. I have seen it happen in other people and have sometimes wondered it in myself. Likely we all need to be a bit more open to the facts presented to us, and be open to the fact that tho we might not like something and yet it could still be the truth.

Literary Genius?

I am gonna quote from a famous book, a classic.

The girl's face was there, really quite beautiful in memory: astonishing, in fact. She had a very thin face like the dial of a small clock seen faintly in a dark room in the middle of a night when you waken to see the time and see the clock telling you the hour and the minute and the second, with a white silence and a glowing, all certainty and knowing what it has to tell of the night passing swiftly on toward further darkness, but moving also toward a new sun.

There is no way this paragraph would pass by an 8th grade English teacher. Yet it is a classic none the less. Why is it that literary genius can be so atrocious? I attempted to re-read thru Fahrenheit 451 a while ago but ran into this on page 11 and it totally sidetracked me.

I wont forget the message by Ray Bradbury anytime soon, so I guess it isn't the writing, rather it is the story and message that make a book great.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Polygamy via Nate

I havent kept up with the Pan-Galactic Blogger Blaster recently as school has had me too strapped for time. However, in my attempt at avoiding studying I looked it up.

Some gems from the discussion on Polygamy
"One wife is trouble enough." Astrosmith
"Mark Twain is said to have answered this question once by quoting the Good Book: "No man can serve two masters". Pablo
"Like I need TWO women telling me I don't spend enought time with them. If God didn't prohibit poligamy, He should have." INH
"Hopefully they wouldn't all have headaches at the same time" MR
"According to Paul, the "best plan" is celebacy. So yes. We do want to depart from it" Nate

Doing Homework

Well, that is what I should be doing, but I am not. I am looking for little things to give me an excuse for procrastinating. I have finals coming up and three tests I need to take by tuesday so I should be doing homework... Read my favorite blogs, checked the news, read my email and now posting here... still nothing. Grrr.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Silver update

According to the website Live Gold Prices silver hit $8.00 today. Up a total of 30% since August. I am really wishing I had more money to put into it, but funds have been limited with school. What little I do have has gone up 5% already so I will keep plugging along and tuck a little more away each week.