Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Removed Post

Today I removed a post. I am sure y'all know why, but I am going to state it anyways. The tone was both personal and ugly. There was no constructive debate or exchange of ideas that are so highly encouraged. I love diverse views, I love people sharing their thoughts and beliefs, and I genuinely like all of my regulars.

I am disappointed that this was necessary but even I stopped following the comments as there was nothing to be gained. Even the comments on the post that was picked up by the gay press were more civil. Then to find out today that they were still ongoing surprised me. I only skimmed the comments since my last reading but as the tone hadn't changed there wasn't much left for me to do. I couldn't find a way to simply disable comments/further comments so I removed it.

In summary, debate is ALWAYS welcome, the exchange of ideas highly encouraged. Personal attacks are not.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PPT Alert

With the DOW down 416 points in one day we should be able to see the PPT in action. In fact, we may have already seen them in action with a large sell off of metals and mining stocks. This sell-off actually preceded the loss on the DOW but is rather counter-intuitive. Instability of stock markets and currency increases demand for gold. So perhaps this sell off (liquidation) was a way of stemming the tide before the bad news of China really hit?

If China does indeed hit a large slump that could mean some interesting times in commodities. Uncertainties would increase the cost of precious metals but may well drop the cost of base metals. That is assuming that any slump would significantly slow down development. And a slump in the Chinese currency could actually benefit the US with even cheaper imports, but that is assuming that corporations would pass along any savings to consumers which isn't too likely.

Despite the 4% drop in gold, it is still far outperforming stocks and has been for years now.

Presidential Election: 2008

The field is getting crowded already. Much has been made of Hillary and B. Hussein and on the other side, Guliani and McCain. But let me tell you about the man I am supporting.

A member of the House for 16 years, this man served as an Air Force captain as well as becoming a member of the Air National Guard. This candidate is also a Dr. He received his MD from Duke University and became a practicing OB/GYN.

He is the most consistent critic of attempts at giving away our sovereignty. He opposes the North American Union, the SPP, and the NAFTA Superhighway. This candidate consistently supports the Rights of the individual and has opposed the growth of the government's power and the growth government in general. He has been calling out the Republican party for not being fiscally responsible and for the continued debt spending. He is also for securing our borders and coastlines and against any amnesty plan. He is currently ranked at 100% by The Conservative Index.

He introduced a bill that would have removed abortion from the Supreme Court's jurisdiction (well within Congress' power,) effectively overturning Roe v. Wade and returning the issue to the States making him the only pro-life candidate by his actions, not just his words.

This man is Dr. Ron Paul, Republican Representative from Texas. For Ron Paul I would happily vote Republican. I don't say that lightly, nor would I say that lightly about ANY candidate, but Ron Paul has proven himself a staunch supporter of the Constitution (unlike our current President who thinks it is just a goddamn piece of paper) and Rep. Paul has been consistent in his efforts to limit the size, scope and spending of the government. We need a man of his caliber in the office. We need a man who will restore some dignity and sanity to the White House. Rep. Ron Paul is the man to do it.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Okay guys, I need your help. If you were to imagine a picture of any or all of the following, what would it involve or look like?


Yes that last one is kinda the odd man out but I am trying to frame some of these in my mind and any ideas you might have would be tremendously helpful.

Thanks (o=

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yet Another Reason

To homeschool.

Seems that Judges in Mass. feel it is the duty of public schools to teach children to accept homosexuality. ""In the ruling, [Judge] Wolf makes the absurd claim that normalizing homosexuality to young children is 'reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens in our democracy.' According to Wolf, this means teaching 'diversity' which includes 'differences in sexual orientation.'"

Of course, Judge Wolf is absolutely right. Accepting homosexuality is far more important than teaching children the meaning of the Constitution and about actual Rights and where those Rights come from. And they certainly don't need to understand economics which might let them know that the government has been attempting (quite successfully I might add) to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Comic Books

Having brought up the issue of comic books, I thought I'd post on it. In my younger days I loved reading and collecting comic books. By far my favorite world was that of the X-Men. Their struggle against evil and the depth of the characters. Even the bad guys weren't all bad. They weren't pure evil and often they had a genuine motive that is not at all unlike what an average persons motive might be if placed in the same situation.

My favorite characters include Wolverine(of course,) Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Collosus, Archangel, Jean Grey, Rogue, and Magneto (who I think has the coolest power.) There were numerous other characters as well, but those were some of the mainstays and were fleshed out nicely. Wolverine and Kitty Pryde actually had their own series.

One of the cool things about Wolverine is that he doesnt know who he is. His memories are all clouded so that he doesnt even know how old he is. The earliest storyline I ever read was with him having fought in WWI.

More can be read on wikipedia. There is too much info on just Wolverine that I don't have the time to read it all.

Anyways, I am keeping my comics against the day that they have some real value. The ones that I feel will be worth something are all kept in sleeves and many of those with cardboard in the sleeve as well to keep it in good condition. It is a shame that they cost so much now. I'd love to read them again.


This past week I got to take my boy out to play. We first stopped in at "Germland" which is the unofficial name of the play area at the mall, but it was so crowded we decided to head up to Focus on the Family and play up there. Definitely a good choice. They have a new toddler room with things to climb on and under and a log to crawl thru. We had a lot of fun there and he was able to play with a couple others in his age range. He did indeed get a bit sick after Germland but his fever is gone after about 36 hours and now has a little bit of a cough. I will make sure to avoid the mall on the weekends or holidays.

I put together a little slideshow of my precious little boy.

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I was trying to do my last inspection yesterday on a private home. There was no one home so I just started getting the info and photos I needed, and went to the backyard. I called for dogs, made some noise to try to get them to come if there were any, none responded so I just went in. I got around the back of the house and two dogs came running for me. One golden retriever (not really a problem there) but the other dog was much larger. I am thinking a mix between golden retriever and St. Bernard. NOT FUN! I managed to back out of the yard and get the gate shut with everything intact except a piece of my paperwork that the big dog bit off.

Then, last night, two girls in the car next to me were flirting with me. TWO! I realized I need to relearn how to flirt darnit. (if indeed I ever knew how)

As I mentioned to Morgan, a basic part of my worldview is that man is basically evil with good tendencies. This is the reason that so often people who believe in the depravity of man (as I do) will disagree with those who believe that mandkind is basically good or believe that all will get to heaven.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My 'Lil Pirate

Introducing Peg-Leg Pete. Perhaps the cutest Pirate the world has ever known.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Forced Vaccinations

Members of the Colorado Senate are considering a bill to require all girls of 12 and older to receive the Gardasil vaccine. This is the HPV vaccine that is believed to help prevent cervical cancer.

I am not entirely sure where to start, but I think I shall start here...
Senate Directory

This is a HUGE mistake. It benefits a single drug company, Merck, to the tune of 10.8 million a year. This isn't about health, it is about profits, and sending it to a single company.

The Colorado Libertarian blog covers this nicely. They raise issues like this being an STD and cannot be contracted except through sexual contact, and that the vaccine was fast-tracked through the FDA. Apparently there were 102 severe reactions to the drug, including 17 deaths, which were conveniently ruled to be not associated with the test drug, of course. Also the LPCO blog raises the issue of the vaccine containing aluminum. 225 mcg to be exact, and the fact that this vaccine may allow that aluminum to enter the brain. Aluminum can cause nerve cell death, and is under investigation as a potential cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

If you live in Colorado, contact the people listed and get them to stop this madness.
The following idiots were responsible for passing this bill out of committee:
Bob Hagedorn-Chair (D) 303-866-48797
Betty Boyd (D) 303-866-4857
John Morse (D) 303-866-6364
Paula Sandoval (D) 303-866-4862
Brandon Shaffer (D) 303-866-5291

Anyone notice this was a vote on the party line? All 4 Repugnicans voted against it. Seems the Dems think there is no way your daughter could control herself, or your young men for that matter.

This bill isn't before the House just yet, but here is the House directory just in case you dont already have it.