Friday, November 26, 2004


Stolen: The affection of my adorable 4 year old niece.

It was stolen by an (also) adorable young female. I am sure you can all guess who the culprit is. It seems that after having met her just once, my niece asks when Nikki is going to come over. Well, we came over yesterday (Thanksgiving) and Brittney was sitting on the couch. She saw us come in and she just looked for a couple of seconds... then her eyes went about as wide as they could go and she got a huge smile on her face. She comes running over and hugs Nikki, but for once there are no hugs for me. Brittney just runs off. What is up? Brittney spent the rest of the night showing Nikki around and playing and giggling.

Very cute, but this worries me as an Uncle. Am I forever relegated to second class? The oh-its-just-you state? I'll have to ponder this one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Day Of Thanksgiving

Since we are all going to sit down and enjoy G-ds provision I thought I would pass along the history of this day. Most of us know such an abbreviated version that its meaning isnt very meaningful. Check out this link on the first Thanksgiving.

There is so much more to our G-d than we can ever imagine. So much more provision than we will ever see. So much care and detail that we will never know. No matter how bad things may get or how dark the future may be, G-d is good and faithful to us. I hope you all have a wonderful time with family and friends, and you are able to see all the blessings in your life.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Marijuana Use

(Reuters) Swiss teenagers smoke more cannabis than their peers in every other European country, a survey said Thursday, ... One in three Swiss 15-year-olds has lit up a joint within the past year

Wow, sounds awful eh? Well lets compare this to the United States of America. Per the White House's Drug Policy website, use in the past year among 8th graders is %12.8 which jumps to %28.2 amongst 10th graders and %34.9 for our 12th graders. Locally, Colorado has the highest per capita pot use in the nation, tho I dont know how that affects high schoolers.

Now lets break it down by crime statistics via the FBI for 2003 using Alabama and Louisiana for comparison as they are the two closest in population to Colorado.

In Alabama (pop 4,500,752) there were 19,331 reported instances in the Violent Crime category, 182,241 in the Property category.
In Louisiana (pop 4,496,334) 29,062 Violent, 195,569 Property
In Colorado (pop 4,550,688) 15,706 Violent, 179,340 Property

By Ratio
Alabama 1 in 233(Violent) 1 in 24.69(Property)
Louisiana 1 in 155(Violent) 1 in 22.99(Property)
Colorado 1 in 290(Violent) 1 in 25.37(Property)

Remember you want higher numbers on the right. Is it misleading to pull only one variable and make a conclusion from it? You betcha, but I am working on joining the Legacy Media per my previous post, therefore I postulate that Colorado's higher usage of the Devil Weed is actually making us safer.


I posted a few days ago about Silver and specifically about the NORFED coins. I said to cash those puppies out. Well, I was wrong. That coin is inflation proof as NORFED will take it as trade for a higher dollar value coin should the dollar continue its downward trend (And the end of this downward trend is zero) When Silver spot prices exceed $10 per ounce this coin will become worth 20 dollars. So my profit on this one coin deal will go up to over $11.

Many more of these corrections and retractions and I am going to put in an application with the Legacy Media.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Well I am finally getting good grades in this class. I did fantastic in the first class and this class I have been doing poorly. (I am on a bimester schedule so finish one class, then take the next) So I decided to actually start taking notes again. Fantastic idea eh? Last two tests have been 100% so it must be working.


Sorry Elena...

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I got this in an emial, may or may not hvae been dnoe by a university but it is eniterly readable.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I discovered a bad link on a previous post. I posted two links to a movie when I wanted to post a link to the homepage which is here Bellydance Superstars

Also I have noticed that my comment counters are not updating, so dont pay much attention to those.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Al Thompson Released From Prison

The United States District Court in Sacremento ordered Al Thompson released from jail. Mr Thompson had been held since Aug. 9th on a federal civil contempt warrant issued for Thompson's refusal to sign false tax forms for his business.

Despite being arrested earlier last April on the same issue, Thompson refused to fill out the tax forms the federal judge ordered him to submit asserting that, given his understanding of the law, he would be committing perjury for providing false information under oath.

Despite Thompson's motions to the district court requesting the IRS to provide a formal certification, sworn under penalty of perjury, that he was an “employer” and a “person” liable under the income tax laws, none was ever produced.

This war is being won one court case at a time. Dick Simkanin's conviction is on appeal (he wasnt allowed to present a single legal exhibit in his favor) and Vernice Kuglin won her near $1,000,000 fight with the IRS when the jury wouldnt convict because the IRS would not produce a law that Ms. Kuglin broke.

Born-Again Christians Shouldn't Vote?

Garrison Keillor, a radio host for the propaganda wing of the Gov. (also known as NPR) has decided that "tak[ing] the right to vote away from born-again Christians... [is] just a little project of mine." He goes on to state the Chistians are citizens of heaven, therefore "not here among us in America."

Does this mean that the IRS is going to leave me alone about the taxes they think I owe but wont bother to tell me why I owe it? To paraphrase the 80s Wendy's commercial, "Where's the Law?"

Saturday, November 13, 2004


Yesterday I went out and bought my first bit of silver. Seeing as I am not terribly wealthy I cant afford to buy much so I figure $50 a week will provide me with a little bit of a 'saftey net.' Spot price was $7.62 per ounce with a spread of .89 per coin, total of 8.68 per coin after tax. The state no longer taxes precious metal coins, bars or bullion, but the city does.

I found a coin from Norfed in the bin. The Liberty Dollar has a face value of $10. I highly urge all my readers to visit their local coin dealers and look for these coins. $1.42 profit if you take that coin and go down to the local merchants and spend it. Not only do you turn a profit, but you are helping to raise awareness about the Federal Reserve and alternatives to it.

Politician Stands On Principle

Newly elected County Commisioner for El PAso County, Colorado, Bruce Douglas is opposing the sale of county owned land. The property, Penrose Equestrian Center, is a government-owned horse show complex southwest of downtown Colorado Springs. Value of the property? $5.2 million. County proposed sale price? $1.

Not only is the county wanting to just get rid of the property, they are going to have to kick in $500K just to fix up the land, AND still have to clean up from when it was used for gold proceessing. Mr. Douglas is not yet installed in office and he is already standing up for the citizens of the county. G-d Bless him.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

World View

World View. It is how you see things and interpret events. There are really only two world views. That G-d is, and that there is no god. Everything else is somewhere in between those two. One could then define a third view, that Man is god. Out of these world views come our every thought and action. Not to say that those who believe in a god dont mess up and that those who dont believe in a god wont pray in times of trouble. Rather, if I believe there is no god and I am the result of naturalistic processes (the god Chance) I would be, just to give a few examples, less likely to take responsibility for my actions and place a lower value on life because life itself has no inherent meaning.

Secular Humanism (SH)has taken over western civilization. We (collectively) no longer believe in a Supreme Being. We no longer take responsibility, we dont give of our time to feed and clothe and minister to the needy, we are no longer connected to others simply because they are our 'neighbors.'

SH is the root cause of the abortion holocaust. Why we have ridiculous lawsuits against tobacco and fast food companies. Why snack food companies are making their packages smaller. And why I cant get a decent sized ice cream cone at McDonalds. (that last one is just a little too close to home!)


The Grammar Queen, Elena, should get a kick out of this.

Lots of funny signs and whatnot written in Engrish (what else?)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Search Results

I have looked at the various search results from time to time and I notice that the top searches for my site are for the (#1)SSMOB and the various poems being a not too close second. Contrast this with Pink Kitties site (ya know I love you!!) I once saw a search on her site for "looking for prostitutes in the Nashville area" which is totally unrepresentative of anything on her blog. Ya hafta love how the various search engines will piece together individual words from the entire history of the blog then put it up as tho it was a single entry.

Come to think of it, I have never seen a search result for my Ode To A Coke...

Moore Profundity

A heavy, weighty statement by Michael Moore (sorry, couldnt resist)

"If the media are looking for a trend it should be this – that so many Americans were, for the first time since Kennedy, willing to vote for an out-and-out liberal. The country has always been filled with evangelicals – that is not news. What is news is that so many people have shifted toward a Massachusetts liberal. In fact, that's big news. Which means, don't expect the mainstream media, the ones who brought you the Iraq War, to ever report the real truth about November 2, 2004. In fact, it's better that they don't. We'll need the element of surprise in 2008."

I agree with him that this is the more important point. The nation was whipped into a frenzy to oust Bush or to keep Kerry out of office and more people voted in this election than in any other. Fear works, and this election makes a great argument against universal suffrage.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Pro-Lifers on the President

From Wes' blog, commentary by the American Life League's President about our President.

Many pro-life groups are gleefully declaring victory following George W. Bush's apparent re-election, but I cannot share in their enthusiasm. ... However, the Bush administration's first term has been less than sterling in terms of total commitment to the pro-life effort. ... Thus the status quo on abortion is going to be maintained, as will the ongoing public perception that we have a pro-life president.


I was checking the news and came across an article on WND on how poorly we third parties did this time around. Sad really. But that isnt what I am blogging about here. I wanted to post for everyone a statement released by Peroutka (or a part thereof anyways)

"Last night, we celebrated God's glorious and gracious sovereignty over all things. As Christ tells us in Matthew 28:18, 'All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.' Of course, this includes authority over civil government and over political elections. His will be done.

"Our victory is in declaring God's sovereign nature and submitting ourselves to His will. We do this when we run for office acknowledging God, defending the family, and working to restore the American republic. We do this when we vote only for those men who have submitted their lives to faithfulness and obedience to His Word."

"With this victory in mind – His victory – I encourage all Americans of good will to join us in the coming days, months and years to build our effort to honor God, defend the family and restore the republic."

Monday, November 01, 2004


Not much to blog at the moment, but I have been letting my blog die lately so...

  • Osama's dislike of Bush and the French approval of Kerry almost makes me want to vote for Bush. Almost.

  • Cobra Gunskin has its website up (finally) but I am dissapointed that they dont seem to have a holster for my revolver. Most companies don't, that is part of the problem with a hammerless. Guess I will just have to go for a T-shirt

  • I pushed thru the mental block that hampered me the first week or so of this new bi-mester and am getting A's again.

  • It is much better to have my toes being warmed on the heater than to be outside in this cold weather. Snow and 100 mile an hour wind. Not a good combo.

  • Dont forget to get out and vote your conscience tomorrow.