Saturday, June 30, 2007

PETA Retards

PETA. What to say about them? This is a group that places a greater emphasis upon animals than humans, not simply economics, but over the welfare of humans. PETA is a group that is willing to free non-native animals into the wild, and abuse rich old ladies. I don't write about them because they are too easy a target but today I couldn't pass this up.

Mitt Romney apparently relayed a story ~25 years ago going on a trip and strapping a dog kennel/carrier to the top of the car, and created a windshield for it and then taking off on a 12 hour trip. Now this probably wasn't the smartest thing to do but isnt really any different than a dog riding in the back of a pickup. PETA, of course, is outraged. Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told Time magazine's "Swampland" blog: "If you wouldn't strap your child to the roof of your car, you have no business doing that to the family dog!"

So the brain, and I use that term loosely, in charge of PETA wants to compare children to dogs. Fair enough, lets run with that.
  • If you wouldn't put a leash on your child...
  • If you wouldn't let you child go without clothes...
  • If you wouldn't feed your child from a dish on the floor...
  • If you wouldn't brush your child's teeth only once a month or so...
  • If you wouldn't make your child sleep on the floor...
  • If you wouldn't yell at your child to get off the couch...
    Now do any of those make any sense? Is it really that hard to see a difference between a child and a dog? And if it is, perhaps that is actually a sign of sociopathy. American Heritage defines a sociopath as "interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others." defines it as a person "whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience."

    Does this describe our Ingrid Newkirk? It would seem so. She is associated with ALF, which was and probably still is the most dangerous domestic terrorist group (its a toss up between ALF and ELF) Both ALF and ELF have caused tremendous economic damage and even several deaths(ELF.) And this is the woman who admitted to going into work before the others and killing animals herself, "I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day." or as Debra Saunders writes, "PETA assails other parties for killing animals for food or research. Then it kills animals — but for really important reasons, such as running out of room."

    And then there is this gem from Ms Newkirk explaining why she had herself sterilized: "I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it's nothing but vanity, human vanity." And what, pray tell, would you have a child with? There is no such thing as a hybrid human. It isn't even possible. Not even from our supposed closest relative, the chimpanzee. Truly, I think this last one could be a posting unto itself, but my mind just reels at the stupidity and this simple post should be more then enough to point out the absurdity of PETA.
  • Friday, June 29, 2007


    Pics courtesy of

    Oh Noes!

    This one is for Nate!

    Pajama's Media Poll

    For those of you who aren't aware, Pajama's Media has been hosting a weekly poll on the various Presidential contenders. On the Republican side it is ruled by Ron Paul when he is included*, followed by Fred Thompson, who isn't even running, with Giuliani in a distant third.

    Now every week that Dr. Paul is included they never fail to make note of the fact that he polls low in traditional polls, and they often complain of what they call "Ron Paul Spammers." Their premise is that if traditional polling, which only calls people with land lines (who has those anymore?) and are not on the Do Not Call list, rates Dr. Paul at 1-2% then any poll showing him higher is simply incorrect.

    This week, something interesting has happened. Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Cross-Dresser himself, has currently 11 times the votes he received in the previous week. In fact, it is about 11 times higher than he has received in ANY of the recent PM polls. I wonder, if perhaps Pajamas Media will claim that they were hit by "Rudy Giuliani Spammers" or if they will just say that this is in line with traditional polling and is the way it should look. I will try to update my blog this on Monday when their analysis of the previous week's polling will be posted.

    Monday, June 25, 2007

    Ron Paul in Iowa

    Many of you have heard that Ron Paul was excluded from the candidate forum put on by Iowans For Tax Relief. Somehow the irony of excluding the person who embodies the name of their group doesn't phase them.

    But there is good news! Ron Paul is renting the room right next door to the forum and will be holding his own meeting immediately the other forum is done. This way all the press and any attendee who desires to hear Dr. No can. It is to be held June 30th in Des Moines at 4:30pm. Anyone interested should definitely attend and show their support!

    Thanks to LadyJade3

    Sunday, June 24, 2007


    Just recently Colorado has started issuing new hunting permits for a new invasive type of game that is invading our wilderness. They are highly dangerous and wily and it is highly recommended to bring a high-powered large caliber rifle when hunting as well as to hunt in groups for your safety.

    Due to the nature of the beast I am posting the pic below so that the squeamish need not look upon the ROUS*

    * Rodents Of Unusual Size

    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Blog Rating

    Online Dating

    Mingle2 - Online Dating

    This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    * drugs (4x)
    * rape (3x)
    * dangerous (1x)

    Hat tip to Mike at Code Monkey Ramblings

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    Effects Of Drugs On Spiders

    Listen up people! This is serious! This is a very serious exposition on the effects of drugs. The change in behavior of these spiders shows us just how dangerous these illicit drugs are!

    You've been warned!

    Wednesday, June 20, 2007


    Check out the preview for Planet Earth by the BBC. A stunning film and one that I will have to add to our collection.

    Speaking of film, or well, a cartoon, check this out. Mint Spaghetti! Yum!

    A new report warns that Global Cooling is the real danger and that climate change has always been caused by solar activity.

    A YouTube video on Ruby Ridge is worth checking out. Speaks with the family, including the daughters and shows some original footage.

    Sunday, June 17, 2007


    Annual Rafting Trip.

    This time around it was Res Ispa, Waterboy, WaterboyJr and myself. We left Waterboy's about ten and headed for Buena Vista, crossing over the Rockies and driving through some absolutely gorgeous country. Highway 24 winds through the mountains to the north of Pike Peak, up over the Continental Divide past boulder fields with rocks twice the size of a house, up over beautiful Wilkerson Pass (stop if you have the time) and through a valley surrounded by mountains before heading down to Buena Vista.

    Once there we suited up and hitched a ride on the bus up the river. That trip takes us along a historic rail bed along the river and through a handful of tunnels hewn from the rock before getting to our launch site. The day started off beuatiful with the promise of high temps. However, Res informed me that it always rains or snows on this trip. It did indeed rain a bit while on the river but the slight thunderstorm just added to the trip.

    This trip we hit "The Numbers" which has 7 distinct sets of rapids and one bridge which we all had to duck under as the water was so high. Rapids on this stretch are class 4/5, except #3 which is class 3/4.

    We had a total of 6 in the boat, the 4 of us, our guide and one fellow traveler. The water was running high and fast. Just over 2100 cubic feet per second, enough to fill an Olympic pool in about 3 seconds. Once on the river we did a little bit of practice which was good because I needed a reminder to pay attention to Res as he was the lead paddler.

    But how does one describe a rafting trip? Pictures don't do it justice as the camera had to be put up safely before any rough water. Words? Incredible? Physically demanding? Refreshing? Make out session? (Oh wait, that was just me!(not really, but that is the way I want to remember it!)) I think "fun" sums it up nicely and I can't wait to do it again! Hopefully the annual rafting trip will continue to grow to include the rest of you sometime soon.

    I totally spaced this, but I don't know how. Watergirl prepared us a HUGE dinner. It was like Thanksgiving! She made so much that it wouldn't all fit on the table. Very wonderful meal and much thanks to her for all her hard work.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Duke Rape Prosecutor Disbarred

    The North Carolina disciplinary panel unanimously found Nifong guilty on most of the 19 ethics and professional misconduct counts brought against him by the State Bar.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007
    United Press International

    A North Carolina disciplinary panel Saturday found prosecutor Mike Nifong guilty of misconduct and disbarred from practicing law for his handling of the Duke lacrosse team rape scandal.

    In a proceeding carried live TV, the panel unanimously found Nifong guilty on most of the 19 ethics and professional misconduct counts brought against him by the State Bar. Nifong sat stoically in the Raleigh courtroom as the verdicts were read.

    The prosecuting attorney from Durham, N.C., was found to have withheld evidence favorable to the defense in the Duke lacrosse case and then lying about it. He also was found to have repeatedly and intentionally misled the media and, therefore, the public about the case.

    The former Duke lacrosse players were exonerated by North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper in April.

    Nifong, through his attorneys, has said he regrets some of his statements to reporters and does not dispute the players' innocence but denied committing intentional ethics violations. He also had offered to resign his post.

    Sunday, June 10, 2007

    Heroic Police

    Our valiant police officers. Always keeping us safe from deranged people. People who do bad things. People who endanger others. People who violate the Rights of others. People who make faces at dogs?

    Yep. Our valiant public "servants" arrested a woman for making faces at a police dog and charged her with "cruelty to a police animal." That's right, Jayna Hutchinson was trying to give a statement and the officer refused to take it from her as she may have been drunk. After arguing with him and waiting, she made faces at the police dog.

    In the face of such cruelty, the officer sprung into action and arrested this horrific person. Unfortunately, despite such heroic efforts by "law enforcement" the prosecutor dropped the case with only a week to go before trial. It seems the dog would not testify. Some might say that he couldn't but I think we all know it would simply have been too hard emotionally for him to do so. Sometimes it is just too hard to face the person that has abused you so cruelly.

    Friday, June 08, 2007

    What Does It Take To Serve A Warrant?

    It would seem that it requires roadblocks 1+ miles from the house, cutting power and phones, numerous helicopters, men in ghillie suits and 6 Armored Personnel Carriers. At least, this is what the Gov was using to "serve a warrant" on Ed & Elaine Brown.

    I think it is obvious that their intentions were an assault, not serving a warrant. The only reason the siege didn't happen was because it was thwarted by an occupant walking a dog. His being shot at fully alerted the Brown household to what was coming.

    In a press video, the U.S. Marshall stated that the dog walker had to be taken into custody "because he essentially discovered us there." The Marshall also stated all this equipment was part of the "surveillance operation"
    Brown asserted he will not surrender his liberty and had choice words for his elite stalkers:

    "For all intents and purposes there is no law and order anymore in this country. We don't have warrior class people, you are a bunch a cowards using omnipotent tactics like the KGB did, we are through talking with these people nationwide, not just me and wife. It's too late already, if anything happens to us we will be reciprocal, we will protect the sake of our community and our nation. we are obligated under the Constitution to protect this nation.

    If they wish to take out lives and send us to the creator it will do far far more damage to them, that's why all the safeties are off all around the property and they can come in whenever they like."

    The Browns have told Infowars that they are very much at peace, and do not fear what lies ahead. Elaine Brown delivered a final stark and moving message to all their supporters:

    "I want everyone to remember us, and we'll see you on the other side"

    Saturday, June 02, 2007


    A recent discussion at Triton's about giving to charity sparked this post. Specifically what was mentioned was how LiveAid hasn't helped Africa at all despite the tens of millions given. It is truly sad to see people with such good intentions having their money go not for good, but to enforce the status quo there. But there are good charities. Ones that are responsible with their funds and do a good work for the communities that they serve.

    Two of the greatest needs every man has is nutritious food and clean water, but these two things are lacking in many parts of the world. Due to droughts, disease, pollution, poor economies and oppressive governments many people of the world don't have these two basic building blocks of life. The following two charities address these problems admirably.

    Heifer Project International
    Founder Dan West came up with the idea while giving milk to hungry children during the Spanish Civil War. He realized “These children don’t need a cup, they need a cow.” So in 1944 the first shipment of heifers left the shores of the United States bound for needy families abroad. But HPI doesnt just give animals. They train the families to properly care for the animals, and as part of the agreement they must give an offspring to another family that they also train. The families then have a source of income and nutrition.

    HPI gives different animals depending upon the region and need. They also provide superior specimens to help diversify the local population and because they are more productive. Examples of animals are cattle, oxen, goats, rabbits, chickens and even bees. All are viable way of improving the quality of life for people across the world.

    Water Missions International
    WMI was created to bring clean water to people in areas where clean water simply isn't available. Here in America it is rather hard to comprehend that people don't have access to clean water but there are approximately 1.2 billion people who don't. This lack of clean water kills as many as 9 million people every year due to water borne illnesses. Aside from the possibility of death, there is a near assurance of illness due to this lack of clean water. WMI focuses on simple solutions that can be easily maintained and powered by the community. Like HPI, Water Missions also focuses on training the community. WMI teaches the people of the importance of clean water for drinking and cooking and also trains two members of the community to maintain the unit so there is never a need to bring someone in to service their mini-utilities. Each unit can provide clean water for up to 3000 people, some 10,000 gallons a day.

    There are others who perform a similar mission such as WaterHealth International altho WaterHealth seems to be just as focused as providing a business (not to say that is wrong, just not necessarily charity)

    I would strongly encourage anyone looking to give to a charity to consider these. Make a difference in many peoples lives by giving the gift of life. And you can rest assured that your donation is actually going to what you thought it would.

    I would be remiss without mentioning shelter. Obviously this is also of great importance. Habitat For Humanity does an excellent job of providing low cost housing (altho not free, housing in some countries costs as little as $800) If you guys know of others I will post them here.

    Friday, June 01, 2007

    Consumable Silver

    An interesting fact about silver is that perhaps the majority of its use has been in consumables. By this I mean it is used in products that it will never be retrieved from. Items like copper wire or jewelry are easily converted back to the base metal, but silver has been used in items that the silver content is so small and the items so spread out that getting that silver back would be next to impossible.

    One of its more common uses was in film. Obviously there is much less demand for that now, but think on how many photographs you have. And how many everyone you know has. Now imagine gathering all those photos so they could be burned to retrieve a pounds of silver. Yeah. Isn't going to happen.

    Another use that recovering the metal from is a lost cause, and a relatively new use is to coat glass.
    Silvered windshields in homes, cars and office buildings reflect away some 70% of the solar energy that would otherwise pass through, thus reducing the load on air conditioners. The U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star Program has spurred 50% increase in silver-coated glass in past six years, translating to 350 million square feet of glass, or five million ounces of silver per year.

    There is more in the pipeline for silver. NanoMarkets, expects the market for silver conductive inks to reach $1.2 billion ($US) by 2014, compared with $176 million in 2007.

    Combine that with stock levels that are in continual decline and it says silver is a good investment.