Tuesday, September 30, 2008

LG: Week 1

Alright, one full week has now gone by. How many of you have done them every day so far?

I have a confession. I failed to do them both saturday and sunday! I'm a bum! However, I did make up for it and I also went on a 4 hour hike on Sunday. Its my excuse anyways. Whats yours?

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Final Solution


I have THE answer to our problems!

I call it the Final Solution.

It goes like this...

Round up all 546 of our (DC) ruling class.

Take all the ones that are pro-abortion and administer an abortion upon them. We can then make a profit for the people by selling their bodies parts just like the "products" of abortion are sold today.

Take all the ones that are pro-war and take them up in a B-52 and drop them like bombs over Iran's nuclear facilities.

Take those who put the environment above people and end their life so that they can finally stop polluting Mother Earth. Then plow their lands and homes and turn them into national parks. Bonus points if we can use their bodies to fertilize these new parks.

Take those that are for militarized police force and place an anonymous call to their local SWAT team.

Take all those who would steal, at gunpoint, from one to give to another (for people or corporations) and go ahead and take, at gun point, all that they have and distribute that wealth.

Take all the ones that are for debt and endless inflation, confiscate their wealth and distribute it amongst the people and then throw them in the vats so that we can use their corpulent bodies to print more money.

If there are any left that have not been caught in the above sweeps, they are fit to rule and should be placed at the highest level of government that is not already filled.

A bit extreme? Perhaps. But a lot cheaper than a bailout package that will start out at 700 Billion ($700,000,000,000) and will likely end up costing WELL over 1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000)

Bailout Madness

First of all, I urge you all to contact your Senators and REpresentative and let them know how you feel about this proposed bailout. You can look up their numbers on USA.gov

Now, on to the September Madness...

What exactly is happening here? Its like we have a bunch of hoodlums in a glass house, who have all just ran out of rocks to throw. And here we are, seriously considering giving them MORE! Are we STUPID? Did they not do enough damage with the last truckload of rocks we gave them? Obviously some people up on the Hill have lost their marbles. Maybe we can round all those up and give THOSE to the hoodlums.

A bailout (which will no doubt pass despite the opposition of the public) will not fix the problem. At best it will simply push the pain off for yet another day at which time it will be even worse.Our financial house of cards has been built upon constant inflation, but you can only blow up a balloon so far before it bursts. And once it does, its irretrievably broken.

How about we start paying attention to REAL economic theories, instead of the ones that depend upon magic fairies and Hope™. How about listening to the words of those who have been warning of this day for the last few decades (Anyone remember Ron Paul?) There are answers. They aren't going to be painless, but pain is coming our way one way or the other.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

LG: The Kickoff

Today is day 1. Numero Uno. Time to step up and get our collective booty in gear.

I did mine on lunch. How about y'all?

And for the record, I intend to post once a week so that we can all give updates, excuses and so we can harass each other as appropriate!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hindu Squats

The type of squat to use for LG is the Hindu Squat. Its apparently different than what most people think of when they think of squats. Done properly the HS is actually quite aerobic.

To perform an HS start off with your feet about shoulder width and your arms at your sides. Your arms will move in s somewhat circular fashion and will assist you in getting back up. From the standing position start to go down, bending only at the knees and bring your arms slightly behind you. When you get to the bottom of the motion, swing your arms in front and up, and bring yourself up with your legs so that your arms are horizontal to the floor at the same time as you get back up to the standing position.

This video gives a good demonstration. For the record, he does them faster than I do, so no worries if you find that you can't keep up. Mine look more like the slow motion ones in this video.

Its a pretty easy exercise that will give you some cardio and work on your legs and balance at the same time. And tho they are easy to do, they really are a good workout.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lickable Galore: The Challenge

So here is the deal guys (and gals) I am issuing a challenge to all my readers.

Starting this Sept 23rd, LG: The Challenge begins.

What is LG? Its a small challenge to do two simple things each day, push-ups and squats. The Challenge is to do one of each per day, per day of the challenge. That means one pushup and one squat on day 1, and doing two of each on day 2, etc etc. The date was chosen to get us all to 100 of each by the end of the year.

The rules are simple:
  • Increase the number of PUs and squats by one each day of the challenge
  • Break them up in whatever grouping you are comfortable with. For example, on day 30 you could break it up into sets, perhaps doing 3 sets of 10, or 2 sets of 15 (or 30 sets of 1 if that works for you!)
  • Perform the PUs and squats however you need to to get to the goal. Its about improvement, not doing them "right." If that means you do some or all of the PUs on your knees, so what?! Need a chair for an assist on the squats? Great! Just get them done. Again, improvement and habits are the goal here, not stressing out over what other people think.

    The benefits? Improved health, greater usable strength, and other benefits as only WW (who was the inspiration for the name) can describe! Also, you can think of it as a pro-active diet for the holidays. We all know we are gonna eat too much, we might as well start dealing with it now! And if you have kids have them join us to (Birdie&Eagle, Heidi)

    Hat tip to WW for inspiration of the name.
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Man loses eye

    A Christian man who threatened to kill two women because they are atheists was injured trying to attack them and will lose an eye.

    Russell Bowman showed up at the women's apartment with a large knife and was confronted by another resident with a shotgun. When Russell continued to advance, the butt-end of the shotgun struck his face and Bowman's eye will need to be removed.

    And this is a shame! This man should be supported! DEATH TO THE INFIDELS!

    Oh, well, on second thought I may have gotten some of the details confused... Lets see...
    Christian: Check
    Atheist: Check
    Shotgun: Check
    Eye: Check
    Media Saturation: ...

    In light of the lack of media coverage I have conducted further investigation in the Colorado Springs Gazette and it appears that Russell Bowman calls himself an atheist and it was the women who were Christians and that Russell was threatening to kill them because they were Christians. Well, that explains the lack of media coverage.

    Move along! Nothing to see here! Move along!

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    The Kingdomality Test

    Your distinct personality, The Prime Minister might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You are a strategist who pursues the most efficient and logical path toward the realization of the goal that you perceive or visualize. You will often only associate with those people who can assist you in the implementation of your plan. Inept assistants may be immediately discarded as excess baggage. To do otherwise could be seen as inefficient and illogical. On the positive side, you can be rationally idealistic and analytically ideological. You can be a bold decision maker and risk taker who can move society ahead by years instead of minutes. On the negative side, you may be unmerciful, impatient, impetuous and impulsive. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.

    What is your Kingdomality?