Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 15th Gas-Out Blowout

Looks like another gas-out day came and went with no effect. In case you hadn't heard, people were boycotting the purchasing of gas on May 15th with the hopes that it would somehow tell the companies that we aren't happy I guess. If their intention was to lower the price of gas it failed miserably. It wouldn't have positively affected the price at all and today the price is up an additional 10 cents.

Here are some ideas that would work:
Quit driving! Walk or ride a bike for a day. Or just don't go anywhere for one day.

But a fuel efficient car. Trading in that 15MPG SUV for a car that gets 27-30MPG really will make a difference in how much you purchase.

Buy a motorcycle. 40MPG is easily achievable on a motorcycle. Better yet, buy a scooter. Many models get from 80-100MPG You could drive to work all week for $10 or less and there are brands/models that can be purchased brand new for $1,000 or less.

Alternatively you could just not care, like me, except when you fill up and freak out over the price. Just remember that it still costs the same as it did 35 years ago when you adjust for inflation, only now you make less.

Other more practical ways of easing the pain of filling up:
If you own a pickup, remove that tailgate! You know you don't haul anything in that bed. Take that thing off. The last truck I had I improved my mileage 2-3 MPGs by removing it. If you feel you "must" have it on, then drop it when you are not hauling anything. Essentially the same MPG gain. And don't worry about it bouncing around. It doesn't move on the majority of dirt roads or if one is traveling at 100MPH.

Clean out your car. Extra weight means lower mileage so everything you pull out of the car that you don't need will improve your mileage. I am actually thinking of removing the back seat of my van as it is never used and will help, even if marginally.