Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Came across a rather well done comic, The Adventures Of The S-Team. All characters and sets are comprised of Legos. Well worth a moment of your time.

This really cool, sorry, Wicked cool, site sells lasers. Not laser pointers, but lasers! Wicked Lasers aren't cheap but they are capable of doing things like popping balloons, igniting matches, lighting cigarettes, and melt or etch plastic. Fun stuff.

I found a news article about celebrities lending their weight to a program called Global Cool. The premise is that we only have ten years left before we reach a point where the global climate will be irreversibly changed. Of course, this is all crap, but they give some ideas on how to reduce your "carbon footprint" which is the exact same thing as saving you money. I think conservation and saving money are both good things but not because I think we are headed for global doom. Well, not due to the environment anyways. And one of the ideas in the news article wasn't too bad. They suggest taking a shower with your "mate." Sounds good to me (well, that is, if I had a mate anyways!)