Monday, January 01, 2007

Whiny Judges

Okay, so it isnt just teachers whining over pay. Now it is Chief Justice John Roberts. Apparently we aren't paying federal judges enough. As a matter of fact, Chief Justice Roberts says that the issue of pay "has now reached the level of a constitutional crisis."

Wow. Not only are they able to find rights to abortion in penumbras, but they are also able to find a constitutional right to higher pay. It is truly amazing how good Chief Justice Roberts is. I mean, the Constitution has been around for over 200 years and just now the right to higher pay has been discovered. Truly amazing that someone hadn't found it earlier.

So how much do they make? Federal district court judges are paid $165,200 annually; appeals court judges make $175,100; associate justices of the Supreme Court earn $203,000; the chief justice gets $212,100. I don't know about you, but I know that I couldn't live off of just 165K a year. I mean, that is practically poverty level!

They do make a point about those working as deans and whatnot making more but the issue is this. Government is a SERVANT. It is a PUBLIC SERVICE job, not a lifetime-take-care-of-everything job. Or at least it shouldn't be. Those serving in Gov are supposed to be there because of a sense altruism, of doing what is right, not to be taken care of.

Thank You Chief Justice John Roberts. You are truly an inspiration. I am going to pull out my copy of the Constitution and find my right to a Ferrari and a mansion overlooking the ocean. It must be in there. Someone just has to find it.