Friday, January 26, 2007

$155 Million Home

Okay, so everyone has heard of this ridiculous home going for $155 MILLION. This home is going to be 53,000 square feet with only 10 rooms and 160 acres, but it will have its own ski lift apparently. So I am wondering, what else could be bought for that much money?

I found this lovely little property in Montanta for only $7.9 Million. It comes with a house, some 700 head of cattle and 29,170 acres to graze them on. Thats about 47 square miles.

With what is left over you could purchase this 363 acre island, Rudder Cut Cay for $12.5 Million. It even has its own airstrip. And if that isn't big enough for you, purchase 500 acre Dog Island instead. Oh what the heck. Buy 'em both. Dog Island is only $5.9 Million so you'd still have plenty of money left over.

And then, with the money left over, the crown jewel! Wee Cumbrae. Wee Cumbrae is 684 acres off the coast of Scotland (part of my ancestry!) that comes with numerous relics, including a lighthouse built in 1757, remains of a 7th century church, and tons of history. And you could be living here... with two cannons just in case the neighbors get too rowdy! (Except, seeing as it would be your island you wouldnt have to worry about it. And this place will set you back about $5 Million.