Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ed Brown

Quest For A Fair Trial In Concord, N.H.

Ed Brown and his wife have been asking the IRS for the law that makes them liable for an income tax for ten years now. Ten years, and no answer. The IRS took them to court alleging a tax bill of $625,000 and charged them with violating the penalty statute. The one that says if you are liable for a tax and don't pay it then you are subject to these penalties. Well, it isn't possible to violate a penalty statute. One must violate a different law which would then invoke a penalty statute. Still, the IRS continues in this vain, and of course the corrupt courts are allowing them to.

Prior to and during the trial Ed Brown filed various legal motions and attempts to get information from his prosecutors, including the law that he violated, which is every man's Right to know. If one is not allowed to know the law that he broke he cannot hope to defend himself.* The judge denied all but two of the motions, and those two were procedural and not substantive to the trial and his defense.

Mr. Brown did not finish the trial, though his wife continued to go through and was predictably convicted unlawfully. Mr. Brown has barricaded himself in his home with several supporters and is apparently awaiting the Gov's efforts to apprehend him. Brown has declared that he will forcibly resist any attempt to take him.

Already the Gov is referring to Brown's home as a "compound" so I think it is safe to say they will raid his home, similar to their attacks on the Branch Davidians and the family on Ruby Ridge. The feds loaded the Davidian complex with tear gas in amounts known to be flammable which set the place ablaze. And according to satellite photos of the events they were firing into the building as it went up so that any attempts to make it out alive were unsuccessful. In all, 82 were killed which included 27 children. Similar events played out at Ruby Ridge, where the bastards killed a woman who was holding her 10-month old child.

A summary of all the events with Brown, including the trial and events leading up to it can be found at We The People

* The US Gov is now open about having secret laws. Laws that they say cannot be revealed as it would compromise security, yet citizens can be charged with breaking these laws. For the entirety of this country, and even before, a law had to be published publicly that one might have a reasonable opportunity to know what is illegal. Even the US Supreme Court has ruled this. Yet, somehow, this country that is supposedly run by laws gets away with such things.