Saturday, February 03, 2007

Forced Vaccinations

Members of the Colorado Senate are considering a bill to require all girls of 12 and older to receive the Gardasil vaccine. This is the HPV vaccine that is believed to help prevent cervical cancer.

I am not entirely sure where to start, but I think I shall start here...
Senate Directory

This is a HUGE mistake. It benefits a single drug company, Merck, to the tune of 10.8 million a year. This isn't about health, it is about profits, and sending it to a single company.

The Colorado Libertarian blog covers this nicely. They raise issues like this being an STD and cannot be contracted except through sexual contact, and that the vaccine was fast-tracked through the FDA. Apparently there were 102 severe reactions to the drug, including 17 deaths, which were conveniently ruled to be not associated with the test drug, of course. Also the LPCO blog raises the issue of the vaccine containing aluminum. 225 mcg to be exact, and the fact that this vaccine may allow that aluminum to enter the brain. Aluminum can cause nerve cell death, and is under investigation as a potential cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

If you live in Colorado, contact the people listed and get them to stop this madness.
The following idiots were responsible for passing this bill out of committee:
Bob Hagedorn-Chair (D) 303-866-48797
Betty Boyd (D) 303-866-4857
John Morse (D) 303-866-6364
Paula Sandoval (D) 303-866-4862
Brandon Shaffer (D) 303-866-5291

Anyone notice this was a vote on the party line? All 4 Repugnicans voted against it. Seems the Dems think there is no way your daughter could control herself, or your young men for that matter.

This bill isn't before the House just yet, but here is the House directory just in case you dont already have it.