Friday, January 05, 2007

Of Gays and "Blatherings"

Lauren from Twinsburg, Ohio wonders "What the heck? Why am I getting ANTI-GAY blatherings in my gay/lesbian news feed?, I'm totally insulted.

It is a shame that she feels "totally insulted." Especially when one considers that I wasn't writing anything that was "ANTI-GAY" altho I will have to cop to the "blatherings" accusation. I seem to remember writing that the love of G-d is not for just one kind of person, not just for the already "perfect" but for sinful man, in all varieties and in whatever manner it is that we are sinning. Indeed the Christ said that as a doctor comes for those who are sick, so came He. For if we were perfect then the sacrifice of the Son would have been unnecessary.

Blathering perhaps, but not even remotely anti-gay. Lauren, next time you visit my blog, please read it to comprehend. You will get much more out of it that way.