Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stealing Clipboard Info

This is from an email sent out by Bob Osgooby. Not entirely sure where I got on the email list but it is perhaps the first newsletter that I have been signed up on that I actually read and enjoy when I do
Have you ever copied information to your clipboard, then later
went online? If the info you copied was of a sensitive nature,
then you’ve really got to pay attention to this.

Did you know that a website can easily snatch the info on your
clipboard with about one line of Javascript? It's true. Not all
browsers are susceptible to this, but Internet Explorer is. Copy
any line of this article and click on the link below:

Just imagine if that info had been a password, credit card
number, or bank account info! Want to know how to disable this
"feature"? Read on.

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools menu, Internet

2. Click the Security tab, then press the "Custom Level" button.

3. Under the "Scripting" section, hunt for an entry called
"Allow paste operations via script". Set to disable (or at least
prompt). I have mine set to prompt so I know who is trying to
steal my information.

4. Hit OK until you're back to Explorer.

5. That's it. Now try the page above and see what happens. With
any luck, you should find that your clipboard is no longer
BTW Firefox doesnt do this. Just how many more reasons do you need to quit using IE?