Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Sorry about the discussion on holidays. I really lost interest when I came down with the flu. I am feeling somewhat but still not very good and I cant hardly talk. Basically I cant talk. If I was still working at the call center, well, I couldnt be. I am starting a good job with a local cement company. Good pay and will be lots of hours. I spent the day freezing in the upstairs break room which is really nothing more than an unheated garage on the third floor watching videos. I got thru 46 of the 75. 75! sheesh. But that beat being out in the freezing cold weather today. I bought a jumpsuit today so I can survive out there.

And being this sick makes one lonely! I cant call anyone cuz I cant talk. I dont want anyone to be around me cuz I dont want them to get sick. I havent been playing much with my boy cuz I dont want him to get sick and I have been feeling so awful. And I worry what he thinks of that. And as I start to think I must be getting better my fever comes back tonite. UGH!

Okay, I finally went to the Dr. cuz I just keep not getting well and arguably worse. Daignosis: Bronchitis and tonsilitis. So I am finally on an antibiotic and hopefully will be getting better soon. As for the new job I am going to be off till monday so I can get better and not get others sick.