Thursday, October 05, 2006

Big 3 Solution

Alright Big 3 auto manufacturers, listen up! Everyone knows you are all bleeding and it is just a matter of time till one of you goes down. Ya need to get your act together and bring in some cash and I am gonna help you do it.

Just three words. Limited Edition Models

Thats right, limited edition models. Ya see, you take one car and choose one year and you remake for us a cool muscle car from the 60s or 70s. GTOs, Fastback 'Stangs Camaros, Firebirds, Hemi Cudas. And dont sissify them. Make it look just like the originals with as much of the same feel as the originals as you can (obviously regulations wont allow it to be the exact same what with airbags and all)

Make us a certain amount of one car, one year then dont make it again for ten years or so. So deliver us the 67 Mustang and make say 2000 of them and let the public just eat them up. Remember the talk surrounding the release of the Viper? Remember how everybody wanted one and it brought in huge recognition for Dodge? Do it for yourselves. Excite the car buying populace. Even if the rarity of them precludes many of us from ever having one (just like the Viper) your bringing back the cars that we all love would make us hold you in higher esteem and perhaps we'll think more favorably of your brand when it comes time to buy our next car.

Mopar = 1970 Hemi Cuda
Chevy = 1969 Camaro
Ford = 1967 Mustang

Toyota, Nissan, VW etc, I would strongly suggest you never ever bring back your 60s and 70s era cars. We are all happily past those thank you very much.