Sunday, October 01, 2006

Kelty Baby Carrier

My attempt to poke fun at a blogger that shall remain nameless (as if y'all didnt already know who) was losing its funiness in my own eyes so I am editing this post...

Today Lil Bear and I went to the Flea Market with only one item in mind. A baby carrier. Lo and behold I found one. A Kelty none-the-less, which is the brand I was wanting in the first place. Originally $180, sold to me for only $25. Incredibly adjustable and able to stay standing on its own. It has a smallish pack below and behind baby's legs, triangluar shaped to fit between the legs and still give room for movement, it held everything I decided to carry today. Formula, diapers, wipes and a bottle and still had room for more. Conveniently it has IIRC 4 bottle holder loops which I didnt use today out of a need to clean the pack first. After a 3+ mile hike I only have one complaint and that is the main frame hits my shoulder blades uncomfortably after a mile or so. I tilted Lil Bear slightly and that helped but I think I am going to have to make some adjustments to the pad back there or perhaps even replace it. Keep in mind that this is a used pack so the padding is worn slightly but not bad in any way.

Also found at the flea market was one CD and four hot wheels. Three planes and one monster truck for one of the special-ed kids on my bus who loves cars.

Anyways, here is Lil Bear happily sucking on a strap (perhaps his all time favorite toy!)