Saturday, October 21, 2006


I am not sure what to make of this story... Apparently a little girl told her mother she was being molested by a neighbor. The mother told the father and the father killed the man. Turns out that the child had not been molested, or at least the police are adamant that she wasn't. On the one hand I want to stand up and applaud the father for protecting his family. On the other hand the child apparently made up the incident and so an innocent man is now dead.

As Triton wrote today and the Mogambo has been writing there has been some serious manipulation of the metals markets lately. And we have all noticed the price of gasoline going down tremendously. If you havent noticed that this sort of thing happens around election time, start taking notes. OPEC has declared that it is going to cut production starting on November 1st. This will again get the cost of gasoline up but conveniently the price wont go up much till after the election.

Action Police, a hardline police union in France has stated “We are in a civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists.” The same news article states that an average of 112 cars have burned daily over the past year. Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister who is running for president in the may election is taking a hardline approach he "has once again taken the offensive, staging raids on the no-go areas and promising no mercy for the thugs who reign there." Of course the softies there say that it is simply that these muslims dont have jobs. Cuz everyone knows that if you dont have jobs you go burning cars.

Among other things the Devil Weed, Pot, helps with memory, especially in older subjects.

Life is found 2 miles below ground. I posted previously on other organisms living far below ground in the hostile environment found there. These are all refered to as "extremophiles." These particular ones, found in Africa, survive "on sulfate minerals and hydrogen split from water by uranium's radioactivity."

And finally a story by environmentalists about what would happen to the earth if man disappeared tomorrow. It is an interesting read on how long they think it would take for our traces to fade. Some of it I believe to be erroneous but it is entertaining nonetheless.

P.S. My boy managed to change my fonts by randomly pounding on the keyboard. Lovely