Friday, January 20, 2006

War Drums a'Beatin

Seems that the war drums are out in full force again. This time for Iran. I knew this would be coming and it has been obvious who the FedGov's next target would be. Even my local paper is starting their drums with pieces such as this political cartoon.

This isnt going to be about simply taking out a power plant and sending them to ground zero like Israel did with Iraq some 20 years ago. This particular tune is to justify going into Iran and giving them hated democracy. Surely taking out their ability to create nukes or "nukaler" power will be something that is bandied about, but once that is accomplished or nearly accomplished we will then turn our troops into missionaries for the god called democracy as we have done in Iraq.

If we really feel that Iran would be a threat if they get nukes, then lets just take out any plant that they have. Israel can reach Iran, our planes are closer. Quit the posturing, take out the threat and get it over with. Dont send our boys in there to try to free a people that arent willing to work for freedom.