Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dog Crap and Government

The purpose of this post isnt to equate government and crap (why state the obvious?) but rather to point out why we have the Government that we have.

Beloved and I recently bought a townhome. In our unit there are 5 dogs. We make sure our dog does her business in a fairly confined area and clean it on a weekly basis, but everyone else seems to just use wherever. Without cleaning up. After all, why clean up when there is an HOA that will eventually get around to it(I assume some time in spring) Anyways, after about an 1 hour of cleaning up other peoples crap (and there is much more to clean), I realized this is simply a symptom of why we have the gov that we have. No one wants to take responsibility for their own crap. Leave it to someone else. "It's not my job" and "Someone should fix this."

Well let me tell you something people. Deal with your own crap! And while you are at it, go the extra mile and deal with someone else's! If you think something needs fixing, then fix it! Broken glass a problem in your area? buy a $10 shovel and clean it up! Graffiti a problem? paint over it, offer to paint over it on other's homes or fences. Neighbor's yard an eyesore? offer to mow it for them. 2000 years ago Jesus commanded us to go the extra mile, today with all our modern equipment we cant be bothered to go the extra 100 feet. We have a Nanny State because most of us need a Nanny.