Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Blogosphere Tidbits

In perusing the web I have come across some things that might interest you all.

A new blog to check out, the Haiku Movie Review you just might find yourself something to watch there.

Ian has a revelation about how we treat other believers, and how our Lord and Savior views that treatment.

Arielle makes an interesting comparison between Squatter's Rights and the Right of the Unborn.

Birdie writes of a day in the life of a homeschooling mom.

If one is needing to brush up on their Calculus, or even learn it, Triton University is now open (sidenote: Triton, you should put up some permanent links to your more scholarly stuff like Calc and "Nukaler" reactors)

I stumled across the blog of Dadasays. He is decidedly a gold bug. Lots of good info on the current happenings of the gold market (FYI it is $523 as of this writing, up $4 from this morning.)

Also of interest and likely something I will be blogging on soon, is NORFED and their currency which is fully backed by gold and silver.