Friday, January 13, 2006

Anderson for House

Ex-Sherrif John Anderson is going to take on 20 year incumbent Joel Hefley for his seat in the US House of Representatives. It seems that the Sherrif is not getting any support from the Repugnican establishment. Havent we seen this before? Someone who stands for Rights not getting support... now where did this happen last? Locally that would be maverick Douglas Bruce, author of the Taxpayers Bill Of Rights (TABOR.) TABOR has kept Colorado from the serious deficits other states have encountered after tha last recession. Nationally that was Pat Toomey, an actual conservative running against Arlen Specter for a Pensylvania Senate seat. The Bush Administration and Repugnican party enthusiastically backed the non-conservative Specter.

Not much of Anderson's platform is actually known, but what is known beyond the shadow of a doubt is that Anderson's work made it easier for all Coloradans to conceal carry. Anderson was the first to implement Shall Issue in Colorado, right here in El Paso County. Because the predicted "blood in the streets" never happened other counties followed suit. Denver, being naturally against personal Rights, did not like this situation and made it difficult for anyone who might have to either do business inside of it, or even pass thru Denver (no Safe Passage laws) This caused the issue to come to a head and was taken up by State Legislature, who passed laws making the entire state "Shall Issue."

Even with nothing else known about Anderson at this time (and I am solidly a Libertarian, never again a republican) I say Huzzah for Anderson! I will post later if I can find his platform/stance/views.