Monday, January 02, 2006


I found myself flying a small 4 seater plane (actually one seat removed so three, also it was a high-wing so it looked somewhat like a Cessna 172 but with open cargo aren behind the seats) trying to find the right radio band for ATC (Air Traffic Control) for this particular airport in Canada. There were two ladies on the flight with me and the girl in the co-pilot seat was trying to show me the map and help me find the proper air field. Well we were heading for this open airport that was totally deserted. Not a plane, car or person to be seen. Still looking for the correct radio band while coming in for a landing. One should never be looking at a map when landing but here I was... Found that darn radio, it is 1540, we were on 1530A. Change the radio and we start hearing ATC but then the dream pans out to distant 3rd person and the plane is landed, in roughly 20-30 feet (Talk about short field!)

Next thing I remember clearly is being out in the mountains somewhere in Ontario, Canada, somwhere in the same time zone as Toronto (Ok, I realize that in THIS world there are no mountains in Ontario) Here I am, at someone's house out in some seriously gorgeous country, sandwiched between some foothills. And I have to be at work. So I am awake at about 3:50 AM cuz I have to be at work for a 6AM-6PM shift for the holiday (this one matches our reality as I do indeed need to be here) but the problem is my plane is no where near and I need to load up stuff into the plane and have someone else (the owner of the house?) fly us back.

Now my mom is apologizing and saying she is sorry and that it is her fault I am late to work and I am trying to get some cell phone reception so I walk over to the split-rail fence. I call in to work but cant really get reception and the 800# for work isnt working cuz I am in Canada. When I do get into work using the toll # they cant transfer me to my department cuz I was the only person scheduled and so there isnt anyone to take my call! GRRR. I had royally screwed things up at this point.

My Beloved had left me a note in the bathroom to make sure that some baby something or other was loaded into the plane (Beloved was now with me, maybe had been the whole dream?) Well for the plane ride back we also had to get some stuff ready for the baby, just in case. So here we were discussing the best method for storing milk on the flight and preparing bottles for baby... yeah. This plane happened to be a low wing (beech?) that carried smoke (not skywriting smoke, more the stuff used during airshows) Sometime during the flight the pilots son (sitting in the last seat back) asked him to turn it on. They then began a discussion on air flow. Fun stuff.

All this to say I didnt sleep very well for worrying I wasnt going to get to work on time. But I did enjoy the flying.