Thursday, July 08, 2004

Two blondes and a prophetess...

Walk into a bar... okay, a funny story, but not so cheesy. I was reminded of this story due to a conversation at Sarah's blog about her being Messianic.

About 5 years ago I was in a Village Inn enjoying such a fine dining establishment and studying my Bible before the Wednesday Night youth group, in which I was a leader at that time. Perhaps it was chance, perhaps it was fate, but a Gorgeous Blonde (GB) sat down at the table one booth over. She was partaking of the world renowned cuisine at VI when she pulled out a book. I sneaked a peek and noticed it was titled The Feasts of Israel. ROCK ON. I found my in.

I walked up to her and started a conversation and asked her if she was Jewish and she replied 'Messianic.' She was a religious intelligent GB !YES! (I am the other blonde in the story) We talked for a while and she invited me to the Synagogue she was in town to see (there was some special speaker) Being curious and not being stupid I agreed. When she knew the sermon was ending she excused herself as she had more than an hour to drive home.

I found the teaching to be awesome. Seamless teaching from OT to NT without pausing for breath which fits in well with my belief that the Bible is really one book, with only one author (tho penned by different men) Over the next month I was filling out a notebook as fast as I could write. There was so much to learn. My fourth or fifth time attending the Rabbi's wife approached me and said "You are Erik, right?" Me, (suspiciously) "Yeah." She then proceeds to tell me about all sorts of things, things that there is NO way on G-d's green earth she could have known unless the good LORD told her. Up to this point I had done no talking with anyone beyond pleasantries.

Needless to say, I was freaked out and got out of the conversation quicker than I should have due to it. As I left I repented and asked G-d's forgiveness because I had been in the wrong place all this time. Let me tell you, the fear of G-d was in me. I was determined to make every single session and perhaps even start learning Hebrew and I continued for another month and started talking to others of the congregation. It was in one of these conversations that I learned that GB just so happened to be the Rabbi's daughter.