Friday, July 02, 2004

My favorite music

Here are some of my favorites by genre

Techno: Paradigm Shift, Deitiphobia and Prophecy of Panic
Electronica: The Echoing Green & Symbiotica (cant find that CD anywhere)
Rap: King Shon and the SSMOB (a Christian group voted better than Snoop Dogg by the audience) and of course the Gospel Gangstaz.
Opera: Dont run screaming! some of it really is good. Sumi Jo for instance.
Pop: I guess Clear and Plumb fall under this heading. Plumb ROCKS and she and her crew happen to be really nice peeps. I got to meet them at a non-music event where they were just being themselves and I didnt even know who they were at the time.

Any list of my favs would be incomplete without Sixpence None The Richer. I have followed them since forever (long long before "Kiss Me" ya'll) and let me tell you, no band should ever have to go through that much crap. Their new album is fantastic, but I think my fav is still "This Beautiful Mess"