Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Insecurity and Interest

JamieR writes "you will have to play on a woman's insecurities at times to maintain her initial interest." He is referencing some writings by Vox Day about attracting women. Perhaps 'getting' women might be the better way to put it. I tried to look up the original conversations but you all know how big Vox's archive is. Simply put it works this way. Ignore the woman. Pay more attention to her friend or to something else and a woman who is very used to a lot of attention (Spacebunny being a case in point) will have her interest piqued because of the man's lack of interest. This, according to Vox, is a good way to get women.

Well I have news for you ladies, it is true. It works. I've even done it myself altho I certainly didn't have a strategy in mind when doing it. The problem is that I don't feel that it is fair to do so. A simple understanding of the human mind and then playing on it? Nah. But on the flip side, women do that all the time too. I little bit of flirting, a nice smile, a pretty face and we men are ready to do most anything for her. And that is perfectly acceptable for women to do that. So then why isn't it okay for a man to do similarly?

My problem with dating is that I (largely) don't even try. I am fairly content with my little life and when I am not then I am certainly not in the right frame to be looking for a mate. Looking at those times will lead to some serious compromise and that simply isn't acceptable.