Saturday, July 03, 2004


I just finished the book of Judges and wanted to pass along what stuck out for me.
  • Two separate assassinations freed the Israelites from their oppressors.
  • Bastard children are BAD. Don't have them.
  • It is okay to get a wife by abducting her while she is dancing. (Note to self: May have to try this)
  • Don't marry outside the faith (even if you abduct her)
  • Perform your vows to G-d

  • Does the 70 children of Gideon (can you say polygamy?) have anything to do with the 70 weeks of Daniel (69 children slain, 69 weeks, 1 surviving with his curse to come later, 1 week with its curse yet to come?)
  • What significance of the Levite taking a concubine who later died in a Soddom type incident (crowd demanding the guest) Is this tied to the Soddom & Gommorah episode? The Levite, a priest, being a type of Christ and the concubine us, martyrdom (being 'given' to the enemy or perhaps just the ravage of our own sin) with vengeance yet to come (The martyrs under the altar who yet cry for vengeance in Rev.6)?