Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Dating Game

Ever look around at all the couples and wonder what it is they did to catch/deserve that other person? I work at a grocery store so I see them all the time. What I cannot understand is how some of these people got the attention of anyone. I know a woman who is 1) not attractive 2) more than a little off on her theology 3) is often called 'evil' by those around her and yet she tells me that she has a couple guys who wont leave her alone because they want to go out with her. I see ladies doing similar things. The whole hes-a-jerk-and-abuses-me-but-I-love-him thing annoys me to no end.

I dont really have a point to this post, but I'll dig up a quote and pretend that I did... "You should keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half closed after"