Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wants & Needs

I think I have mentioned in the past that I want to buy a dump truck. Well, I found one. A 1988 International S2574. It is a tandem, red cab and cowling: paint is great, black bed: a bit beat up (its a dump truck folks!) frame, wheels, tires, brakes suspension: all good condition. The only thing I am thinking I would want to replace is the driver seat at a cost of approx $500 (it looks original?) Cost of truck: $14,000.

That was the "need" the want is a Nintendo Wii. This looks like a very fun system. The graphics arent anywhere near the PS3 (the Sony graphics look more real than a movie!) but the Wii costs $250 vs. the $600 for a PS3... The neat thing about the Wii is that it is interactive. Have you ever noticed how everyone moves along with the controller even tho doing so has no affect? We all do it, and you do to. Stop lying. It is natural when trying to avoid a blow or to not crash to lean to one side or the other. Well the Wii is sensetive to that motion and indeed it requires that motion. If you are playing a boxing game you have to actually throw the punches and the system responds to you. Swinging a sword? Fishing? Driving? All those things require you to move your hands/arms to make it work. It looks like a very fun system and I am hoping to be able to afford the extra $250 by years end.