Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pierced: Part 2

Got pierced again today, 'bout an hour ago. Nothing overly crazy, just a nipple. Right now, it hurts (imagine that!) but it seems to have been well done this time as opposed to the last time where it wasn't done well.

For those of you keeping track, I no longer have the other piercing due to it not healing. It wasnt straight anyways so it isn't too big a loss tho I liked it.

The girls at the pizza place informed me that it is going to hurt really bad in the cold. Great! Have I mentioned my new job? I am driving a concrete mixer and I have to get outside in the cold and freeze my butt off. Granted I dont have to do the hard physical labor, indeed I don't do any real physical labor besides washing the truck. But therein lies the problem. When I am outside I am just standing there being cold. Maybe the girls were wrong. I dont care really, they were cute and I was talking to them and that is what mattered there (o=