Friday, November 03, 2006

Roci vs. The Libertarian Party

It seems Roci is Anti-Libertarian Party. This is kinda odd because he leans to the right of the Repugnicans. The following is from the previous post and also from the post prior to that (His comments on that are too long to repost in their entirety and can be found here.)
Good sentiments, but that is not on the ballot.

There is no proposal for getting government out of the marriage approval business. So the next proposition is to get government to do the least harm, followed by possibly using the power of the state to accomplish some good.
Agreed. There isnt currently a proposal to remove the Gov from marriage. And certainly limiting the Govs ability to do harm is a good thing.

The position of the LPCO is duplicitous. Marriage, as it exists today in colorado, is not founded on religion but on a complex web of state and local laws. It reaches into contracts, inheritance, family law, divorce settlements, domestic violence, child wellfare, insurance and labor law.

Until you extricate the state from those places, something the LPCO is not actively proposing to do with any legislative agenda. State and marraige are connected. Deal with it.
Regardless of how much the Gov-Behemoth has grown, religion is quite simply outside government's purview. The gov needs to be removed from it.

The LP isnt tackling that one right now. Why? Because in the end one must choose their battles. The issue of marriage isnt terribly high on their priority list and rightly so. There are far greater needs than who can or cant marry and who controls it. It seems almost (and likely is) daily that the Gov abuses the Americans of their Rights and freedoms. Daily property is taken. Daily people are thrown in jail for small drug possesion (And in response to your other comments, that number in 2005 was 776,000 people arrested that year alone for pot) Etc Etc Etc. I dont even need to go into our loss of Rights as it is plain for all to see. And that is where the LP chooses to focus its limited resources.
Dodging the issue is not taking a position other than hiding under your desk until it goes away.
I am not in any way dodging, nor is the LP. You said earlier "the next proposition is to get government to do the least harm" and this is the LP position here. It isnt duplicitous nor hiding. It is recognizing that some laws only add evil or power to do harm to the necessary evil that is government.