Saturday, November 25, 2006

Signs Of Creation: II

There are some creatures that simply defy evolution. They are so unique that there really is no way they could have evolved.

One example is the Orchid. Several types of orchids (mainly in Australia) produce "exactly the same compounds, and in similar relative proportions as those in the sex pheromone of the female bee." This causes the male bees to pollinate the orchid in greater numbers and frequency then otherwise would happen.

The standard theory of Natural Selection isnt satisfactory in this instance. Nor in the other plants that are specific in their scents. An example of this is the Corpse Flower. This flower emits a foul odor akin to a rotting corpse (hence the name.) This scent attracts beetles which are the primary bug used to pollinate the plant. The beetles crawl thoughout the entire plant searching for the decay, then move on to the next with the same behavior.