Monday, November 27, 2006

Reason To Homeschool #47

New Math

Apparently the teachers are using new math to grade the students. My niece (unfortunaely this isnt a story of some unknown child...) had a test/quiz this past week. It had 20 questions on it. She missed 5. Now to those of us that know old math, we would say that she then lost 25% and would then get a 'C.' New math dictates otherwise. The actual score was an A. Because each question was worth 2 points.

What does this mean? It means that you could miss every single question and still get a 'D.' When I was in school, oh so long ago... 12 years or so ago, missing every single question would have been a resounding 'F' and big fat ZERO. Not anymore. In fact many schools dont even have an 'F' anymore as it is simply too damaging to the students psyche.

Ridiculous. Homeschool your children people! Even if you are some ignorant socialist/commie, your child will get a better education.