Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Job Search

I put out 3 applications today and picked up 5 or so more today. Also as I was talking with some old colleagues at the grocery store I used to work at (that was hard because of all the time that Beloved and I worked there together) a customer who happens to employee a LOT of drivers came thru. He didnt need any at the moment as he had just trained ten of his guys for a CDL but he did take my ph# and asked if it was okay if he gave it to other people. So that is a positive. I also dont believe that was a coincidence, for it is as the Jews say "Coincidence isnt a kosher word."

Anyways, three of the places are currently hiring, one wants a Class A CDL but it almost sounded like they might train for that, and one would be a fool to pass up free training. I did that once after I got my GED. I went back into the community college to get the test scores as that was the testing place, and the lady who gave me the scores informed me that I would have a full ride with them if I applied. Combine not knowing what you want to do, a very long drive, and 6 MPG in the beast you drive (very very fast car and I drove it fast which undoubtedly contributed to the piss-poor milage) stir, and you get a tremendously stupid decision to not take the free courses.

Life is full of stupid decisions tho. At a summer camp years ago some of the kids as us leaders if we regret things in our past and if we could go back and change things, would we? The answer we both gave was no, we wouldnt change things, but yes we regreted some things. But all those things, good and bad, have made us who we are today and it does no good to look back and long for things to be different. Those things are now only good as a guide on what to do or not to do.

Yes, I know it is rambling. Just be thankful it isnt another somebody-please-kill-me post. (o=