Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You Decide

Here is the scenario. Bob has a party at his house, gets into an arguement with Jill over a stolen purse, Jill punches Bob. Bob grabs a rifle and makes Jill and her friend Jenny leave. Jill and Jenny threaten to come back with their boyfriends.

Later that night, Jill and Jenny come back with their boyfriends, Joe and Rick. The four find Bob in his room sleeping and assault him. Jill punches Bob in the face (this time using brass knuckles) The four head out to the car after promising to come back (again), Bob grabs his rifle and goes to the front door. Bob shoots and kills Joe who was sitting in the car. Some of the group was at this time standing outside of the car yelling at Bob. There is no indication of if Bob was shooting at Joe in particular or missed someone else and hit Joe. Night, distance approx 90 feet.

Your verdict?