Monday, December 26, 2005

Free West Alliance

I am sure many of my readers have heard of the Free State Project. FSP is an attempt to take one state, remove many of the onerous laws and return freedom to one state and thereby be a bright shining star of freedom pointing the way for America and indeed the whole world. One small problem. They chose the wrong state. FSP held a vote and came up with New Hampshire. A gorgeous state with many things going for it including a more western attitude and a coast. The problem is that to affect New Hampshire politics they would need a minumum of 20,000 libertarian-leaning voters to move there.

A better state exists, Wyoming (which just so happened to be a close second in the FSP vote). Also a gorgeous state (Yellowstone anyone?) and one great benefit: only 5000 people needed to swing the state politically. This spawned a FSP-West for those who thought they could make a change faster. Having looked into this a bit more I have found that there is another movement afoot. The Free West Alliance. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. For those of you already in the west or considering a move to the west, consider a move to one of these States (unless you are a commie, then go back to California or New York)

(The site has had a rough year with being hacked several times and as a result it isnt as complete as it should be.)