Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ted & Abortion

Concerning abortion Ted writes
*long, disgusted sigh*
I repeat the favorite prayer of Ruby Jeanette Burns: "God, save us from the freaking do-gooders! Amen."
Ted | Homepage | 12.02.05 - 10:12 pm | #
Speaking of black-robed (child-molesting, idol-worshipping) priests being judicial activists, the Hawaii law is Biblically spot-on (Genesis 2:7) which is much more than can be said for the Papist lies of the anti-choice crowd!

I never actually refered to a single religious text, Christian or otherwise, but since Ted provided us a Scripture I decided to compare this to Hawaiian law. Genesis 2:7 tells us that G-d formed man from dust and breathed life into him (For the sake of argument we'll assume Ted is stating this is a "person".) Hawaiian law defines "person" as "a human being who has been born and is alive." HRS § 707-700 This would tend to contradict the assumption that Hawaiian law is more biblically accurate as Adam was not indeed "born" and therefore was not a person.

The more I see our Senators, Reps and Presidents cavorting with "his hellyness" and the Vatican's backward-collared sith-lords, the more I'm led to believe separation of Cult and state is a good idea that's long overdue.
When cavorting, does one suppose our politicians are cavorting with the Pope? There are some that I think we can take off the list, such as Kennedy who would rather spend time with a bottle and a woman (willing or not) and those whose only thought is how to get re-elected (far far too many of them) What of the rest? Planned Parenthood gives a score of 47.8 for the Senate, and the Republicans put in for (and passed) a $60 million increase for Planned Parenthood. That alone shows little love for the Catholics. What else is there... Evolution in schools, condoms handed out and even demonstrated in schools, books such as "heather has two mommies", and sex questionaires for elementry children. Lets add to that the victories of groups such as the ACLU and PAW in removing religion from public life. Oh yeah, lets not forget good ol' Bush not saying anything about Christmas in his holiday cards. Honestly, the Pope must be the weakest world dictator ever.

And I think I will leave it up to Triton to explain the separation of church and state which is nowhere to be found in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

And PLEASE don't come at me with out-of-context quotes from Isaiah or Jeremiah and freaking "what-if!!!"s.
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Wasn't necessary and I still havent brought up religion.