Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas to me

Suppose for a moment that there was this really great Hindu holiday where everyone gets together and decorates their houses and throw parties and such, and then they stand on their heads to pray to Krishna. Among their various decorations are their prayer mats and little statues of people standing on their heads. All in all, a good time is had by all. Now imagine that Christians wanted to take part in this holiday. The Christians might come up with a story about how Jesus turned the whole world on its head, and that is why we stand on our heads.

Is this now a Christian holiday? How does one get past the pagan roots and symbolism of that holiday? If one similarly decorates ones home, nay, exactly the same decorations are put out, is it really a different celebration than the original? Does saying "but we dont pray to Krishna" really sanctify this event enough to please G-d? Or rather has G-d called us to be separate and holy (as He is Holy)?

Wouldn't G-d rather that we followed His commdands? He has after all commanded us to observe several feasts, yet Christians would rather attempt to take from other religions than celebrate the Feasts that He has given us. Hhat a sad sad state that is.