Thursday, December 08, 2005

Of miseducation and Ipods

I came across an interesting story in the local paper from this past sunday. It states that the students of this alternative school get free Ipods for good attendence. Not good grades, attendence. First off, where was this school when I was in jai... school? You might also be wondering where they get the money for such things. After all, schools are notorious for never having enough funding right? After all, there arent enough books to go around, bands, arts and sports are forever on the verge of being axed, and of course teachers make poverty wages. Well wonder no more. Our good friends at the NEA have helped us to answer such questions.

The good folk at the NEA have compiled a list of the pertinent data. The average per student funding across the nation is a measly eight thousand six hundred eighteen dollars ($8618.) How can anyone expect to get an education for such a small sum of money? And how can one expect to get good teachers when the average wage is on $47,808? After all the national average is $35,648.55 (per the SSA)

So lets see, the average wage for a teacher is 34% higher than that of, well, everyone else (and that does include teachers so that SSA # should be lower) and the publik schools get 229%+ what private schools get ($3757: $3267 in 2000, adding a 15% increase we come up with an estimated $3757 for 2005)

Exactly where is the problem? And why are we continually told there is no money for supplies and extracurricular activities? And why do these children perform so poorly?

And perhaps more importantly than all this is where is my taxpayer purchased Ipod?