Sunday, October 16, 2005

A Rebuttal

On the way home tonite I was listening to a program that I believe was called "Written On The Heart" I havent yet confirmed that as a google search pulled up only a book. However, it is a Christian talk show wanting to "bring truth" about current issues (largely politics on this particular show) I hadnt caught much of the show but was able to catch many glaring errors.

1.) The Pledge of Allegiance. Once again I find a Christian railing one moment against Socialism, and then glorifying the work of a Socialist (The Pledge Of Allegiance) the next. Get it straight people. A Christian's allegiance is to Christ and Him alone. There is no room for the State. G-d is not just the G-d of the Jews, nor is He the G-d of America. The earth belongs to Him, and all that dwell therein.

2.) Constitution. The hosts of this program stated that 50 different states interpreting the Constitution their own way is "anarchy." Need we define anarchy? And isnt the Constitution dead anyways? Exactly who follows that "outdated" and "archaic" document? Certainly not any Government in the 50 states or territories.

3.) Secession. The hosts were rather adamant that there is no right to secede from the Union. That is a very interesting and all too common viewpoint anymore. It is interesting because there was never ANY doubt that the individual States could Secede from the Union. In fact, all the major newspapers even supported the Right of Secession. Those opinions did not change until Lincoln invaded the South.

4.) Reasons for the War. Hosts asserted that the reason was over 2 things. Slavery and the type of Government, namely the south wanted Democracy, the North wanted Republicanism. Rather than Slavery, the issue was Taxation. The North had placed upon the South an onerous tax that was crippling their economy. Oddly enough, taxation was the main reason the US broke from England. As for the form of Government, the South had learned some lessons from the US Constitution and corrected those errors in their Constitution Of The Confederate States. The CSA actually placed stricter controls on the Government to prevent the abuses of power and the democracy that had already crept in to the Union.

5.) Democrats and Republicans. The hosts conflated the Parties with the system of governance those names suggest. What could be further from the truth? The Democrats are quite obviously for Socialism, Democracy might be a means to get there, but it is not what they stand for. Republicans are the party of strong Government (As the hosts stated, Lincoln "started"[sic] the party) Republicans are for a strong Federal Government (as is easily seen by the last 15 years but to include every R for the last century and a half.) The better term for these people would be Federalist. Or are we to believe that the Green Party is Irishmen for the Ecology?

Had I listened to more I would have more to rant about, however I am much too sick of the whole Republicans = Good : Democrats = Evil arguments. They are both evil. They are both for socialism to one degree or another, they are both for bigger Government, they are both for screwing the American people. Anyways, I figure the length of this post ought to make up for my lack of posting all week long. Let me know what ya think, especially those of you who disagree.