Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Project 86: Return Return Return

The concert ROCKED. As with the last time, the band we went to see was Project 86. The other bands didnt really matter. All told, the other bands were pretty decent. I dont really like screaming and it was fortunate for me that only Spoken does that.

Project 86

Started with track #1 from their new album Sincerely, Ichabod then moved into some old favorites Hollow Again then to One Armed Man. Also in the mix were songs like PS and Another Boredom Movement (one of my Wife's favs) and one of my favs Stein's Theme

this was the 10th concert in 10 days, with two concerts having been done the day before and a drive from Salt Lake City that very day. So the band was a little tired, the drummer on crutches and then there is the altitude. As always P86 was high energy, and courted audience participation, tho honestly I think this crowd would have participated if they had a fire hose trained on them.

Final Analysis:

Project 86 is incredible. Great music, intelligent and uncompromising lyrics, and unapologetically Christian.

Go buy their music. Best Buy had the album at just $9.99