Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chertoff pushes Amnesty Plan

Nate posted a link to Chertoff stating we need to expel the Illegals. Nate was understandably doubtful (as were we all), and it turns out that only a couple days was needed to provide the reason. Seems Chertoff is pushing the Amnesty Plan. The following is from an article by Jennifer A. Dlouhy of Hearst Newspapers.

The federal government cannot stop the tide of illegal immigrants slipping into the United States simply by beefing up border security and cracking down on companies that employ undocumented workers, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told Congress on Tuesday. Instead, Chertoff told the Senate Judiciary Committee, the government also has to create a program that would give millions of illegal immigrants a shot at legal, temporary work in the United States.

This is bunk, pure and simple. Chertoff plan is simple. Call the illegals "legal" and then there is no more illegal immigrants to worry about. Brilliant! It is a shame no one else had thought of such a great plan.

No matter what, Chertoff said, it would be “hugely, hugely difficult” to try and deport all of the illegal immigrants — estimated to be around 12 million people — who are in the country. “We’d have to find them, we’d have to process and remove them, they’d have legal recourse,” Chertoff said, adding that the endeavor would cost “billions and billions of dollars.”

This would of course be in addition to the "billions and billions of dollars" that the illegals are already costing us. Can't have that now can we? Perhaps I am just not old enough to remember this, but when did the various Gov Departments agree with the President on every one of his plans? Has it always been this way? Were qualified but disagreeable people ever get these posts or we they always lackeys?

I would love to see a lot more disagreement at all levels of Government. We need more officials that dont put party above all else. We need officials that don't demand that others agree with them on everything. And we need less power for each and every government official across this country but I had better save that for a different post.