Friday, October 07, 2005

Mogambo Guru For Fed Chairman

Or should that be Chairperson? Doesnt matter. Alan Greenspan is retiring in 4 months.


Our nation cannot survive much more of the foolishness the Fed has pushed on us for the past century. We need someone in there who actually understands economics. We need someone who can halt us from going over the cliff, and let's face it, no current politician would even think of putting someone in there who might put a stop to the mad rush to inflate our currency to zero.

Richard Daughty, better known as the Mogambo Guru, is ideally suited to this post. Educated, brilliant and a tad eccentric. His columns have always shed the light of truth on our fiscal problems in this country. We need him to bring that same wisdom to the Federal Reserve (despite his insistence that he has been banned from there.)

So here goes...

I, Emunda, nominate the Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) to the Federal Reserve Chairman position.

Who is with me on this one? Post it on your site and link back.