Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harriet Miers: Unconstitutionalist

There has been some question recently about Ms. Miers familiarity with Constitutional Law. There are at least two camps in the Repugni er Republican party over her nomination. Oddly, the Democrats favor her and even suggested her nomination. A recent story by the Boston Globe states the White House has provided transcripts to the Senate Judiciary Committee. You can read the article via the Colorado Springs Gazette here.

WASHINGTON - This year, Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers used several speeches to push for expanding President Bush’s powers to protect the United States against terrorism, arguing that “a nation at war” needs a stronger executive branch, according to transcripts the White House has provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

In her speeches to conservative groups, Miers called for extension of the Patriot Act, which expands lawment agencies’ power to investigate suspected terrorists.

She defended Vice President Dick Cheney’s closeddoor energy task force as the best way for the administration to use confidential deliberations to set national policy. And she said her role as White House counsel was generally to “protect against any attempted infringement on the appropriate role of the executive branch.”

“In order to effectively serve the American people, the president’s powers must be protected,” Miers said in June, in a speech given to the conservative Heritage Foundation. “We must recognize that we are a nation at war, and that requires a strong presidency to act as commander-in-chief."

Obviously she is a hated Federalist, and has no concept of the Constitution. We are NOT at war, havent been since the 1940's. Congress doesn't have the cajones to step up to the plate and declare war, so we then cannot be at war (legally anyways) regardless of what the President says or where or what are troops are or doing. And the USA(un)PATRIOT ACT is in direct violation of the US Constitution. Support for it is support for using the Constitution as toilet paper.