Monday, September 03, 2007

Colorado Balloon Classic

The Colorado Springs Balloon Classic takes place every labor day and is three days full of fun for lovers of hot air balloons. This was the 31st year and we have a total of 79 registered balloons. They launched at 7AM on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and there were balloon glows Sat & Sun night.Lil Bear and I were able to get to the Glow on Sunday and the launch on Monday.

The Classic takes place in Memorial Park which is where all of the big events happen in Colorado Springs. It is a huge, fully manicured park with a small lake. The balloons setup on the north side of the park, launch and float over the trees to the south and immediately dip into the lake. The lake is where you want to be. From here you can watch them come over the hill, just over the top of the trees and into the lake. Sometimes they actually hit branches as they are trying to cut it very close. It isn't a big lake and of course you don't want to be coming down too hard. But it makes a GREAT show, especially for the little ones.

I thought I would share just a few of the nearly 200 pics I took.

I hope you enjoyed 'em! We sure enjoyed getting them.