Friday, September 14, 2007

CIA Says No Al Qaeda-Saddam Link

Wow, all this time later and we find that there was indeed no link between the two. More damning is the fact that the census among the CIA is that the two were rivals, not allies. This does make sense seeing as Saddam was a secular ruler and Al Qaeda is a loose collection of religious people.

Now if you will remember a large part of the leadup to the war was the "fact" that Saddam was connected to Al Qaeda and was training, supporting and harboring them. This was put out in a report by a high ranking CIA official and was the justification used to drum up support for this war. But surprisingly this turned out to be just another lie. Inspector General Thomas Gimble says that the reports author Feith's actions were "inappropriate" and that he came to "A hugely different conclusion than what the consensus of the Intelligence Community was."