Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Giuliani: Unfit To Be President

The following quotes are from a report obtained by The Smoking Gun. (27 pages excerpted) The 450 page report was commissioned by Giuliani, and was the campaign's attempt to identify possible lines of attack against Giuliani and prepare the candidate and his staff to counter "the kinds of no-holes-barred assault" expected in a general election

Giuliani on abortion
"See, I don't equate abortion with murdering a child, which I guess puts me in conflict with the teaching of the Catholic church. Catholics in public office often make the mistake, a subtle but important one, of saying they agree with the teachings of the church, but because I am in public office, I have to put conscience aside and enforce the law. They haven't thought out the implication of what they're saying. If you agree with the church, there's no difference between murdering a one-year old and eliminating a fetus -- it's the same act. There is a moral consequence to the elimination of a fetus, but it's not the same thing as murder."
Rudy Giuliani, 05/25/87
I really think it is Giuliani who hasn't thought out the implications. He is stating several things here. One, that he doesn't hold to the teachings of his church, Two, that he seriously believes that he can put aside his "conscience" while in office (which is rather frightening if you ask me) and Three, that it is a mistake for a public figure to agree with the teachings of his church. I also love how Giuliani cares so little about the teachings of the church on abortion, yet when it came to annulling a 14-year marriage to his second cousin those church rules meant everything.

Giuliani: Draft Dodger
Giuliani did not attend the war in Vietnam because federal Judge Lloyd MacMahon wrote a letter to the draft board in 1969 and got him out. Giuliani was a law clerk for MacMahon, who at the time was hearing selective services cases. MacMahon's letter to Giuliani's draft board stated that Giuliani was so necessary as a law clerk that he could not be allowed to get shot at in Vietnam."
Jimmy Breslin, Newsday, 10/01/89

While Giuliani avoided military service, others his age died. His excuses are just that -- excuses! (This line included in the report)
"'Judge MacMahon wrote a letter for all the clerks in his office. Ask other judges - they all did it.'
But former Manhattan federal Judge Marvin E. Frankel, who was on the bench durin the Vietnam era, flatly contradicted Perkins. (then campaign spokesman for Giuliani)
'Not by any means was a law clerk automatically deferred,' he said. 'I don't remember ever writing a letter for any of my clerks.'
Asked if it was common practice for federal judges to write letters to draft boards for their law clerks, Judge Frankel said: 'Not so far as I know.'"
New York Post, 06/11/89
Giuliani managed to dodge a draft as a lowly clerk, a position which is in no way essential, nor does it need to be filled by a person with a degree, law or otherwise. They then go on to lie about its prevalence in order to downplay its significance. My dad volunteered not once, but TWICE to go over there so people like Giuliani could live it up and have his numerous (well documented) affairs. (Mind you I don't believe we should have been in Vietnam, but for further proof of Giuliani's character(sic), keep reading...)

Giuliani: Prosecutor of Draft Dodgers
"Six years after Judge MacMahon wrote his letter, Giuliani took a top-level Justice Dept. job in which he helped carry out the strictest part of President Ford's policy on dealing with suspected Vietnam draft-dodgers."
New York Post, 06/11/89